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Disastrous Harvest:

Le Pen's Worst Score in 26 Years
The moral of the story is that you cannot defeat the ruling establishment by voting in a political system that they own.

The destruction of France and many other white countries will continue until enough people realize this.

The other moral is not to water down your values, for then you are just like the other puppet parties, minus the advertizing revenues.DF

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~23 April, 2007

Disastrous Harvest: Le Pen's Worse Score in 26 Years

by Michael O'MearaTonight in Washington, Brussels, and Tel Aviv champagne glasses are being raised to toast the System's triumph.For the first round of the French presidential election went exactlyas programmed. The two System candidates - the socialist SégolèneRoyal and the conservative Nicolas Sarkozy (one favored by the U.S.Democratic Party, the other by U.S. neocons) - will now go on to the second round of June 6, when it is to be decided which of the two will take possession of the Elysée. The System prefers Sarko, but Ségo will also serve their interests - which is how the democratic process works in liberal-Jewish oligarchies.But the real news for nationalists is that their hero - Jean Marie LePen of the National Front - went down to a humiliating defeat, his worse showing since 1981 and a pathetic end to a rather extraordinary political career.
The System, of course, does not tolerate real opposition. Its media and financial powers are all arrayed against whoever resists its wholesale liquidation of the white race, as are the vast array of left-wing, anti-racist, and Zionist organizations responsible for policing the opposition. Even the innocuous Vlamm Bloc, which purged its language, bowed to the established gods, and raised an occasional glass to the Chosen, were outlawed (November 2004) for refusing to sell out the cultural, historic, and genetic interests of Dutch-speaking Belgium.
The present NF leadership has learned nothing from this.Guided by Le Pen's daughter, Marine, and by the modernizers she's installed in the party's political bureau, the NF decided to play by the rules and appease the System's subversions, surreptitiously defending whatever it could of the nation's heritage. In this spirit,it reached out to multiracial France with promises of assimilation;backed off its former Catholic opposition to homosexual marriage and abortion; abandoned in the name of Jacobinism the Breton, Alsatian,Corsican and other regionalists, representing the micro-nationsundergirding "la Grande Nation;" pretended that Islam and the Muslim hordes transforming the country weren't really a problem; alienated and demonized those numerous nationalists who refused to go along with the modernization; portrayed itself as a friend of the Jews; and, not least, substituted a "jus soli" (residency) concept of nationality for a "jus sanguinis" (blood) one.
All this was done, it turns out, for nothing.
Instead of making the National Front more marketable, these"modernizations" made it only more like the System's other fabrications - minus their vast advertising revenues. They also obviously alienated the party's historic core constituency.
As I write, an hour after the balloting, the final scores are still not in. But it's already obvious that Le Pen did not win more than 11 or 12 percent of the vote, coming in fourth among the four leading candidates. Five years ago he had almost 18 percent (19 percent if youcount what Mégret brought to the party).
And in the last five years increasingly large swaths of the French population have been alienated from the System and were obviously looking for an alternative.That Le Pen did so poorly had, to be sure, something to do with the way the System managed to recuperate his key themes.
But above all it reflects on Le Pen himself and the miscalculation of the modernizers,who sacrificed the NF's most defining, and mobilizing principles on the altar of expediency and compromise.
As Le Pen's nationalist critics say: "You reap what you sow."

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