Monday, May 21, 2007

National Front Activities
––––––––––––––––––––Terry Blackham, National Activities Organiser
The National Front will hold a counter protest outside Downing Street on Friday 15th June 2007 at 1400hrs; this will be a counter demonstration against Muslim extremists.
The National Front has been at the forefront of street protests against the enemies of this once great nation since its formation, we intend to show these people that there is still a great deal of opposition to their presence.
There have been a number of people who have tried to turn up on our events but have not made it for various reasons, i.e. could not find form up point, transport let them down, thought they would get attacked by opposition, thought they would get arrested.
Contacting us as soon as possible, either by e mailing or leaving your details on 0121-246-6838 can avoid all of the above concerns.
We will contact you and put you in touch with activists in your area so you can travel together, we also have prior meeting points away from the actual demonstration area we can direct you to.
So contact us ASAP and join us in our call to have all Immigrants, including all these potential Muslim terrorists, removed from the UK, lets show all these Immigrants that there are still people in the UK who have not been tamed by the PC brigade. Stop Immigration, Start Repatriation.


jamal said...

For the main fact you (with your NF links) exist is reason enough for such a demonstration to take place.

odinsgal88 said...

Jamal, how come? The "demo" is supposed to be about how awfully we Brits treat those of your ilk who do things like make bombs and download child porn, no? I didn't see anywhere on the crudely designed poster "because the NF exist, innit?".

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