Saturday, May 26, 2007

An example of the very serious lack of nationalist education within the BNP

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Re: What is the Nationalists standpoint on Ghurkhas
Originally Posted by Jack Black
It wasn't stupidity of the many that got us to where we are, PSOB, it was the malign intention of the few. THEY have been at war with us and planning for where we are now ever since WWII ended.This does, I think, sum up pretty precisely why some feel the need to be so thick-skinned now. As regards the Gurkha gent who wants medical treatment, is anyone saying he shouldn't be allowed to have it? Perhaps I missed something. He would be going home afterwards, wouldn't he?Jack

Going Home afterwards, wouldn't he ?
Well, put it this way !
If he fought for me and my family, then he can have the spare bedroom at mine anytime!

NWN : We happen to know railwayman of Leigh. Unbelievable stuff !

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