Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Election 2007 - BNP Chairman's analysis and the way forward

'From now on, if you want to see your branch or group’s name in lights and photographs in Freedom or on the regional news pages of the website you will have to press your Organiser to arrange a community clean-up or celebration, or one of a hundred other ostensibly non-political things that can be done to improve the lives of local people and the standing of our future candidate in one of our target wards. If you want to be in our headlines, if you want me to spend a day in your area, then you’d better plan to get me in overalls and high-viz jacket. We’re going to roll up our sleeves and get covered in mud!'
NWN: What ? Even more shifting other lazy peoples rubbish ? What a load of rubbish !

'Less about politics, more about people – for it is by serving the people that we will secure enough extra votes to keep our bandwagon rolling towards the power we need to have a serious impact on politics and the future.'
NWN: Less about politics ? We do not believe this. The BNP is a political party. There is little enough debate about policies now, without making it less about politics. The BNP needs a type of AGM where issues can be debated by the members not as is happening now. That policy is only determined by Nick Griffin without any discussion by the activists and loyal party members. BNP policy changes faster than Chairman Nick can change his underwear !


Pete R said...

All these laudable community initiatives mentioned by Mr Griffin are useful extras to supplement political work, draw attention to our message in certain areas, and circumvent media blackouts.

It is disturbing that Griffin and Wingfield seem to see them as substitutes for real politics. We have no need to be ashamed of our essential message. We have no need to hide behind stunts. Let's not forget that we are the ones who are telling the British people the truth!

Anonymous said...

They are a deliberate substitute for real politics (read, real POLICIES).

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