Friday, May 25, 2007

Black IRA member in Ulsters Maze prison 1974

I have seen a couple of comments on Stormfront UK about this very issue. The person who posts under the 'UlsterNF' label, may have got his info from me. His opponent, 'Byzantium Endures' an apologist for the trotskyist Provisional IRA, denied that statement.

(Unfortunately, I am barred from Stormfront (six times) I also seem to be 'perma banned' from VNN too ! What are these yanks frightened of ? So I cannot post on either forum to put the facts right.)

Yes, all this is on SFUK.

I can state categorically that a 'black power' communist activist from the USA was in one of the cages in HMP Maze in early 1974. We on Towers 2 guard detachment, actually stood still on the catwalk when we saw him, I think he was in compound 8. Gerry Adams was in compound 6, which was the next cage under internment .

We checked 'him' out and found that he had served in Vietnam with the US army.

But then again maybe he was CIA, as yank secret service were active in Ulster throughout the troubles.

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