Monday, May 07, 2007

Ex-far right organiser wins seat

NWN: Here ! Is this Nick Griffin's old crony "Wayne" Ashcroft who was seen to be a right plonker on the 1998 Griffin COOK REPORT TV programme ? Ashcroft was taped saying "Gas em all !" , and denied saying that till it was played back to him.

The COOK Report should be seen by all nationalists old and new.

George Ashcroft was the National Front's Midlands regional organiserA former National Front regional organiser standing as a Conservative candidate has taken a seat from the Labour party in Shropshire.
The Tory group leader on Telford and Wrekin Council, Andrew Eade, had called on George Ashcroft to cease his campaign when he made the discovery.
Mr Ashcroft, who has been elected in the Brookside ward, said he was ashamed of his past and has condemned racism.
The council remains with no party being in overall control.
The Conservatives gained 10 seats and have 25 in total.
Labour lost six and now have 19, while the Lib Dems have three after losing two.

Also check this out;

MSS.412/WA Wayne Ashcroft's personal papers 1994-1998

MSS.412/WA/3 Subject files 1994-1998

MSS.412/WA/3/1 Correspondence 1995-1998

contains a series of letters between Ashcroft and Nick Griffin about forging links between the British National Party and the National Front to create a united nationalist approach in future. See also MSS.412/HQ/3/2.

MSS.412/WA/3/2 Membership details 1994-1998

contains membership cards and details of the various organisations Ashcroft joined or was interested in.
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Simon said...

Thanks for that. Ill be starting Warwick University in September, so may have a look through Ashcroft's papers when I'm there...

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