Monday, May 28, 2007

BNP leadership election 1999 -

The above literature was put out by the current BNP leader Nick Griffin, the BNP leader needs to be re-read to show what sort of liar he, the man is .

The penultimate paragraph needs to be read and read again. He (Griffin) has promised that there will be "not one single expulsion" !

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Anonymous said...

The truth is that the Griffin campaign was well organised and extremely well funded. Suspiciously so in fact ...

I'm portugese johnson said...

Once again Griffin changes his mind. Who wrote 'who are the mind-benders?' all about how jews are doing this and that? Next thing, hey presto! they're in the party and party members are writing tripe to the jewish chronicle.
Not to mention Griffin's u-turn on the holocaust.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this old leaflet.
However, its impact except with the most bitter is totally opposite to what you had hoped.
What it proves is the party was absolutely right to choose Nick over John.
Nick has grown the Party out of all recognition; he has had electoral success after electoral success which has changed the enemies of the British Peoples perception of it from being zero on the threatomitor to hitting the red and rising.
It is all very well sitting back and picking the scabs of old wounds which would have otherwise long healed but the fact is vast numbers of people now take the BNP seriously, will vote for it and that will bring real changes for the better.
All you are doing is sitting in a backwater trying to undermine what may well be this country's last chance.
I don't doubt you will not publish this as it does not fit your agenda, but frankly it had to be said.

Mark C (not Collett btw, before you go off on yet another witch hunt)

NorthWestNationalists said...

Mark C from Manchester;
are you on topic here ?

Griffin has done what exactly ?

Changed the party ? Yes, he has certainly done that.That is why there is to be a leadership challenge, and about time too.

That 'old bitter' leaflet shows Griffin up for the liar and crook he is. He did exactly what he charged John Tyndall would do in that leaflet didn't he ?

So what does that make him ?

Yes Mark, he is a liar and a conman!

First of all he trashed London in 1999, then moved to the West Midlands where he trashed them.The Edwardses were expelled.

Griffin trashed Lancashire.After the wrecking spree in Burnley and Oldham he expelled Steve Smith.

Then Griffin trashed Yorkshire and he inserted race traitor Andy Sykes.

Yorkshire is so 'flush with success' they are having trouble finding activists for the forthcoming by election in West Yorks.

Griffin is now stirring trouble in the Dagenham area where Barnbrook is being given some of 'the treatment'.

Do I smell a whiff of design here ?

The only support the BNP are getting is from that jewess Labour MP Hodge.

Of course, those who have been around some time will notice that this was all done before, in the mid 1980's when 'the plan' was first used.

You know, like the placing of unfit Regional organisers in positions of power. They placed nice bloke Joe Nylan in as Regional Organiser,in the mid 1980's. Griffin was also involved in that one too.And the NF came tumbling down with help from Nick Griffin.

How many Regional Organisers have we had now in the North West since Chris Jackson ? We understand that yet another non-entity has been made the new Lancashire Regional organiser.

Regarding a backwater, errm, you post from Manchester. Hardly a by word for nationalism is it ?

No. What got us known was the huge votes that came after the riots in Lancashire and West Yorkshire in 2001 and shortly after.

Bricks on your head focus the minds of the electorate to vote BNP, rather than some 'emporers new clothes' stunt like the Griffin effect.

Griffin effect my arse !

Anonymous said...

Well Said NWN, And perhaps Mark from Manchester thinks he's in the Tories.

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