Saturday, May 19, 2007


by Robert Edwards of European Action.

Chris Jackson and the Rewritten BNP Constitution
It has come to my attention that the rewritten constitution regarding challenges to the chairman of the BNP state the Internet, printed, electronic or recorded material cannot be used by CJ, and that if he does so he will be expelled.
These demands are completely ultravires in relation to the laws of an unincorporated association.
A politic party like the BNP is an unincorporated association.
A chairman cannot throw his weight about in this way, it is completely contrary to all principles of British natural justice and fairness. A great deal of precedence applies to unincorporated association.
If somebody challenges the chairman of the BNP they are fully entitled to disseminate propaganda, put up stuff on the Internet and generally engage in campaigning. Nick Griffin has no right, at all to restrict CJ’s freedoms under the law.
Should Nick Griffin wish to deny CJ his rights in anyway CJ should avail himself of the services of Mr. Davies who is an expert in unincorporated association.
If the chairman refuses democratic campaigning he could be impeached if CJ so wishes.
The current BNP chairman should hold a meeting where all members are invited to hear both he and the challenger speak. It should then be uploaded unedited to BNPtv.

Source: FC 2876. NPD Vs G8. Jewish Ritual Murder. Zionist Dies. Money for 'Expulsions'. etc.


Anonymous said...

The author is a Muslim sympathiser. He defends them on the internet. See the NNP Forum.

Anonymous said...

No he isn't, he just tells it like it is. In any case, it's better to be a "Moslem" sympathiser than an apologist for the "Israelis" like most of you dorks in the neo-con BNP.

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