Sunday, May 06, 2007

BNP Griffinites lose faith !

NWN: Just taken from SFUK. Even here, we see that Nick Griffin has lost the confidence of his blind supporters

Today, 07:11 PM
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"NG has questions to answer, where was he during the campaign? Why did he not get the Party any publicity? Even if he was leading from the front as I expect he was (having been in the West Midlands twice during the campaign) not communicating his efforts to the membership was a serious error. I am similarly unimpressed by the lack of leadership shown in the post election period."


"NG has not distinguished himself in this campaign as far as I can see. However he remains in a league of his own with regard to his potential rivals. The "old school" are deluding themselves if they think this minor setback will sweep them back to power in the BNP. In fact I would urge them to launch a leadership challenge, the publicity would be most welcome."

NWN: Well usually Griffin disappears just before and during major elections, to 'swan about' in places like his favourite holiday haunt the South of France. In the past, he has gone to the USA to speak at tory 'sell- out' Rennaisance meetings with Jared Taylor and other major white nationalist figures such as Rabbi Schiller . You could not make it up !

He has nothing but contempt for the BNP activists.

His only input when Burnley BNP won EIGHT Councillors a few years back, was to drive around a side street in a big van and give the v sign !

I would like to give Mr Griffin a real 'v' sign, but the last time I spoke with him I said much worse, to the barefaced scoundrel !
WE also look forward to a challenge for the leadership of the BNP.

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Anonymous said...

Griffin is only really interested in the Euro elections. That's where his big chance (and the big money) lies.

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