Friday, May 25, 2007

Margaret Hodge MP, the zionist BNP member ?
Of course this, will be the second time that Hodge has given the BNP major publicity.
Why is she doing this ?
We also hear that BNP Official Richard Barnbrook gave her a bunch of flowers ! A 'bunch of fives' more like.
Those 'in the know' will appreciate and recognise that Hodge is a close friend of leading zionist, and fellow 'east end' jewess Babs Amiel , wife of Lord Conrad Black.
Amiel just also happens to have cozy chats with BNP leader Nick Griffin.
So 'hey presto' !
The zionists give Herr Griffin a tiny crumb of free publicity and an awful lot of moolah . Now Nick is really impressed with dosh, so out go our core policies.

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