Monday, November 13, 2006

Within 24 hours of Nick Griffin getting off with his trial, the BNP put out a pro -Zionist Israel statement .

This site said that there was no chance whatever that Griffin would get sent down at the Leeds trial, even though he has 'previous' for breaking the Race Laws. Then, he got a suspended prison sentence.This time he walks out free.

Of course, none of this has to anything do with the 'hob-nobbing' of leading BNP Officials with 'our Babs' has it ?

Apparently, Barbara Amiel, the wife of financially corrupt Lord Conrad Black, has been in regular phone contact with Nick Griffin and Simon Darby . And at least one other leading top BNP Official.

Just what are the BNP top brass doing 'hob-nobbing' with leading World Zionist personnel like Amiel ?

We can indeed see a Faustian pact happening here..................

The Zionists main enemy in the World are the Muslims. The BNP now seems to be a part of the Zionist arsenal .

This is disgraceful


Anonymous said...

Just who has decided that the BNP have gone pro Zionist?
Obviously Griffin & Barnes!
These 2 do not speak for the whole of the membership.
Never in 2 decades of nationalism have I come accross 1 BNP member that supports Zionism or the Bastard state of Israel.
Griffin should stop pushing this very dangerous agenda.

rvfr said...

With all Griffin's anti-muslim rhetoric this news comes as no surprise. What is surprising is the members are letting it happen.

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