Thursday, November 16, 2006

Get your pens out folks !
Update on Kevin Hughes ..........

I have had a most disturbing letter from Kevin this morning.

He tells me that some of his mail is being withheld. One of my letters was stopped although the sae's I sent with it were given to him.

He has been refused 'Tagging' after it had been agreed previously and he had even been given a 'Tagging' date.

He also complains that his phone credit is being interfered with and he is convinced (as indeed I am) that this is a direct result of his political beliefs.

I have contacted the Governor, Mr. Hardwick, of Featherstone Prison, asking why this man is being discriminated against. I do not, however, expect a reply!

I would urge all nationalists to voice their complaints to the Governor; his address is:

The Governor,HMP Featherstone,New Road, Featherstone,Wolverhampton WV10 7PU.


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