Saturday, November 25, 2006

The BNP's leaders ?

Four key figures;

Nick Griffin Joined BNP in 1995 and became leader four years later. Was acquitted on race hate charges at Leeds crown court earlier this month. In 1998 he was found guilty of inciting racial hatred and was given a two-year suspended sentence.

Mark Collett The party's former youth leader and Griffin acolyte was also found not guilty at Leeds crown court. He had been secretly filmed calling asylum seekers "cockroaches" and urging cheering supporters to "show ethnics the door in 2004". He had previously been filmed praising Hitler and blaming the Jewish people for the Holocaust.

Simon Darby Deputy leader, most likely successor to Griffin. Former member of the National Democrats which split from the National Front in the 1980s.

Kevin Scott North-east regional organiser and founder of Civil Liberty, a fundraising organisation set up to help "UK nationalists". Convicted for assault in 1987 and for using threatening words and behaviour in 1993.


NWN : If the British nationalist movement are to rely on the above berks, then we are finished ! I know two of them, and have heard about the other two from reliable comrades.

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