Monday, November 27, 2006

"Conservatives" These Days

It seems to us that some people have difficulty grasping what it means to be a real political/social "conservative." So we're here to help them with our definition of a real conservative.

A real conservative is someone who conserves ALL parts of his culture, not just some parts, and not just the less-controversial parts.

For example, if he is a White person who lives in a White country, he tries to keep his culture as White as he can. Is that "racism?" Nope. That's just complete conservatism. The White conservative naturally tries to keep his culture as free of Black, Jewish and Mexican influences [and also of feminist influences] as he can. After all, he's trying to "conserve" his culture.

[In the Western countries, there's nothing "conservative" about Blacks and Jews being in high political offices, or about women working 12-hour days in shiny buildings while virtually ignoring their families. If this is news to you, perhaps it's past time to re-examine your beliefs].

What about the modern breed of conservatives who shun any racial thoughts that might crop up within their day-to-day activities? Well, those new people aren't real conservatives, because being a conservative means much more than just trying to keep your taxes low and opposing smut on TV.

Many modern conservatives now embrace - or at least don't question - Cathy CareerChick's sorry-no-time-for-my-kids daily office routine. What's conservative about modern conservatism? How is adopting more-liberal terms and values "conservative?" Indeed, it seems that modern conservatives are moderates who call themselves "conservatives."

Another way to think of the matter is like this: if you were going to paint your house, why would you paint only part of it? Being a real conservative is all-encompassing. It covers every part of your culture, not just some parts. In fact, since culture flows directly from race, we dare to claim that, if you aren't a so-called "racist," you aren't a real conservative.

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