Saturday, November 11, 2006

Old unsung Lancashire British nationalist heroes......

There are of course many. One correspondent posted on here quoted people like ;

John Hamilton (Bolton)

Ken Bernal

Dave Jones (who is thankfully still with us)

Alvin Hanson ( who unfortunately isn't)

Wally Tonks (whom I never met, as far as I am aware)

I would like some info please on Eddy Adamson from Blackburn. He was, as far as I am aware, the oldest/earliest British nationalist .

We make the slight distinction from the BUF people as they were European nationalists.

There are many other nationalists who's names should never be forgotten, including ; Jack Heatherington from Preston . Mike Scott also from Preston, and one who's face is on the NF march and placard, we have just posted from 1977, and currently lives in Blackpool.

Marshal Bridge from Bolton is another founder, as is David Riley from Accrington who is still around, I believe. I learned a lot from David Riley.

Other names included Elsie McBriar from Bury, Mary Dyer from Hyde, and not forgetting Frank Dawber from Tameside. Ex-Manchester NF Organiser Martin Goucher and Neil Mead and his 'big brother'.

None of these people and many more, should ever be forgotten, as they all served in the struggle.


Graeme said...

There is another man who deserves a mention who was a member of the BNP from the start. He was also a NF member and a NNF member.
Before that, he was a member of Union Movement where I first met him in the late 50s.
He was Gordon Gee from Longsight in Manchester; an old and trusted comrade!

NorthWestNationalists said...

We remember Gordon Gee as a Manchester bod. Got some pics of him on BNP demo's somewhere.

Anonymous said...

Barry Bowelle from Bolton/Bury was a good speaker as was John Fishwick from Wallasey.

What about Mike Sellors who ran Rochdale NF in the very early 1970's after the shift from the BCSI under Jim Merrick ?

Anonymous said...

John Green of Crewe & Nantwich

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