Sunday, November 05, 2006

Saddam faces hanging after Baghdad verdict

SUPPORTERS of Saddam Hussein have warned of a “firestorm” of violence if he is found guilty of crimes against humanity today and sentenced to death.

Iraqi officials ordered the closure of Baghdad’s international airport in a massive security clampdown ahead of the verdict.

If convicted, Saddam could face hanging.,,2089-2437920,00.html

NWN : This site supports Saddam Hussein as the true leader of Iraq. He amongst other Arab leaders showed the modern way away from militant Islam. He allowed all religions to be accepted in Iraq. His second in command Tariq Aziz is a christian.

Under this pro zionist war we are now seeing a major resurgence of militant Islam from backward tribes in the Middle East.

We would put Saddam with other great Arab leaders such as Kemal Ataturk, Prince Faisal and Abdul Nasser.


NorthWestNationalists said...

We in the UK know that our anti-zionist arab fellows still have a great respect for us, due to the 'travails' of T. E. Lawrence.

For us, we think that TE Lawrence could be one of the greatest Englishmen that has ever lived.

He was the SAS before the SAS.

Anonymous said...

Saddam may not have been a saint, what leaders of third world countires are? But the numbers of people murdered in sectarian violence, assasinated on the streets, civilians slaughtered in militiary actions and blown up by suicide bombs is much higher since he was disposed as leader. I think a realistic assessment of him would show he was a 'moderate' leader.

Anonymous said...

Saddam is found guilty of killing Kurds and others but the number killed under Saddam was nothing compared to the hundreds of thousands killed by Bush & Blair!
Saddam at least could keep order in Iraq, something that their new government will never do.

dizzyfatplonka said...

What makes me wonder is why Saddams trial was so swift, whilst Milosevic rotted away until he was dead, without a trial.
The Haig did not want him taking the stand and telling his side of the tail. Where as the Saudis wanted rid of Saddam.

Graeme said...

t was the jew who wanted Saddam out of the way. The jew started a war against him. Who fought the war? Not Israel!!!!!

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