Saturday, November 18, 2006

An interesting post - the cost of immigration ?

John Bolton
11-10-2006 03:38 AM ET (US)
Edited by author 11-10-2006 03:39 AM

I would like to see the media publish details of: how many immigrants live in council housing or assisted (Housing Benefit) housing and it cost.

I would like a survey of all councils in Britain to ascertain howm many immigrant families receive any kind of subsidy from local government and how much it costs.

How much do all those State and local government leaflets cost which are printed in foreign languages?

How many schools designed specifically for immigrant children so that they can grow up different to British folk receive subsidies and what is the total cost?

I would like to know the cost of Social Security benefits to immigrants, sickness benefits, unemployment benefits, Income Support, Child Benefit and the litany of other State Benefits.

I would like a reliable estimate of how much immigrants costs the NHS, including GPs and dentists.

How many people of a non-indigenous British background have received Legal Aid over the past 30 years and its cost, and how many have passed through the court systems into prison in that period and what are the total costs associated with that.

If all these questions are accurately answered we will suddenly become aware of the real cost to Great Britain of immigration.

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rvfr said...

Think these are the questions we all want answering but the government are to scared to publish the answers( if they know themselves that is) because they know it would create a massive upsurge on the nationalist scene.

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