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Who say the reactionary Tories and neo-cons haven't taken over the BNP ?

Have a look at the below forum by tories;


And the Conservative Democratic Alliance are whom, by the way ?


Conservative Democratic Alliance

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The Conservative Democratic Alliance is a strongly right-wing United Kingdom pressure group which considers the Conservative Party to have swung overtly to the left and to no longer represent Toryism. The CDA refers to itself as the "authentic voice of conservatism".[1] It was formed mostly by disaffected members of the Conservative Monday Club, another pressure group, over the way in which the Club should have responded to the Conservative Party's very public severing of 'links' with the Club in 2001, because of the Club's well-known policy on immigration. The Daily Telegraph described the CDA as "a hardline offshoot of the Monday Club".[2]
An anti-Conservative Party advertisement for the CDA that appeared in Right Now! caused a stir in Parliament. Andrew Hunter MP said that the tone of its text prompted him to withdraw his patronage from the magazine. The magazine's editor claimed Hunter was under substantial Conservative Party pressure to distance himself anyway. (Hunter subsequently left the party).[3]
In 2002, Iain Duncan Smith expelled CDA Chairman Michael Keith Smith from the Conservative Party[4] for threatening to stand candidates against Conservatives[5] (an action later reversed by court order),[6] and said that he had "plans to make the Conservative Democratic Alliance a proscribed organisation, which would ban party members from belonging to it."[7]
On 27 June 2002, The Daily Telegraph carried a letter from the CDA, signed by Smith, attacking the Conservative Party and its Chairman Francis Maude for "the sleaze, double-dealing, arrogance, incompetence, Europhilia, indifference and drift with which the party is still associated. "Voters", he said, "deserve a real alternative to Blairism and his 'straight kinda guy' chicanery. Mr. Maude and his C-Changing Tories are incapable of providing it."
Mike Smith has been a member of the Conservative Monday Club since the early 1970s,[8] and served in its Executive Council throughout the second half of the 1980s until about 1992[citation needed]. Serving on the CDA's steering committee are Sam Swerling, a former Monday Club chairman (1980-1982), founder of the Monday Club's Philosophy Group, member of the Campaign for an Independent Britain, and former Conservative Party Parliamentary Candidate and councillor on Westminster City Council, and Stuart Millson, a former editor of Kent Writers and founder of the short-lived Revolutionary Conservative Caucus in 1992, and Gregory Lauder-Frost. Millson and Lauder-Frost are both past Tories and members of the Monday Club and its Executive, as well as the Western Goals Institute, and both are now also members of the council of the Traditional Britain Group.[9]
The CDA fringe meeting at the Conservative Party conference in October 2002 was addressed by Roger Knapman, leader of the United Kingdom Independence Party; Ashley Mote, prominent UKIP MEP and author of "Overcrowded Britain - Our Immigration Crisis Exposed" (2004); John Gouriet, a founder with Norris McWhirter of the Freedom Association alongside Derek Turner, editor of Right Now! magazine; and Adrian Davies, chairman of the fledgling Freedom Party and a prominent Lincoln's Inn barrister amongst whose clients has been the controversial British historian David Irving.
On 6 October 2004, the Conservative Democratic Alliance held a rally in tribute to Enoch Powell as a fringe event at the Conservative Party Conference in Bournemouth, at which Ashley Mote, MEP, spoke.
The CDA planned to field its own candidates against Conservative MPs with small majorities at the 2005 General Election[citation needed], concentrating on Oliver Letwin, the then Shadow Treasury Spokesman, and MP for West Dorset, whom they describe as "simply not a Conservative at all", (refer leaflet widely distributed in constituency pre-election; refer Electoral Commission). Their stated aim was to cull those whom they see as non-Conservatives so that a new, more genuine, Conservative Party can emerge. In the end, lack of adequate finances needed to fight an election meant that no candidates actually stood for the CDA at the 2005 General Election, and Letwin held his seat. However, CDA Chairman Michael Keith Smith stood as the United Kingdom Independence Party candidate for Portsmouth North. Both unsuccessful Tory candidate Penny Mordaunt and political commentator Richard North blamed Smith's intervention for the Tories' failure to win back the seat.
The CDA's June 2005 Summer Dinner in Fleet Street, London, was addressed by the 'metric martyr', Neil Herron, who is leading the campaign against the adoption of the metric system in the UK. Ashley Mote again addressed the CDA as their guest-of-honour at their next Annual Dinner in London on 26 November 2005.
The CDA often criticises free-market economics and Americanisation in the United Kingdom, both of which it perceives to be after-effects of Thatcherism. This may be seen as distinguishing it from the modern Conservative Party leadership, which CDA members often criticise as neoconservative (Michael Gove is often singled out for criticism on this front)[citation needed]. The CDA is also fervently opposed to the European Union.
The CDA produce a regular bulletin, and have a website with discussion forums.[10]

[NWN : We have warned about these shady almost secret reactionary tory meetings that people like Nick Griffin have been in contact with as has John Bean. John Bowden is also a conduit to these people as is Eddy Butler.]

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