Saturday, November 25, 2006

These two are in the BNP !

Is this what British nationalism has been reduced to ? The above two idiots !
To have these two reprobates, who have no record in nationalism at all, having any voice in the movement is a damned disgrace ?
I thought that Williams had slightly more sense than Williamson.
We have always stood for the same principles that John Tyndall stood for. These two clowns are above their station, entirely due to the internet.
Let us see about them both ..........
Just what is their nationalist record ?
Have they ever been nationalist officials ?
Have they ever stood for election ?
Have they ever been speakers for the nationalist movement ?
Have they ever done any writing for the nationalist movement ?
Are either of them intellectuals, who would support the nationalist movement ?
Apart from causing grief, just what have these two 'herberts' actually done for the cause ?
What is their record ?
The thing is Nick Griffin has been in close contact with Pete SID Williamson of late.
That is why VNN UK is now a Griffinite supporters group.
Griffin did his stupid laugh when questioned about Williamson. He said ; "Well the anti-BNP stuff has stopped ! "
Williams is by his own admission a 'druggie', and Williamson's is by his own admission an 'alky'.
No wonder we are nowhere near to power if anyone listens to these idiots.
Argue with me about our policies...................... we are not arguing with idiots like these two clowns !
Williams using his name 'bacon sandwich' on Stormfront attacked Joe Owens and slagged him off about Owens being sacked from the main bodyguard for Griffin.
Some local bods have questioned whether Williams would have said the same to Owens face, away from the anonymity of the internet ?
I don't know Owens nor Williams, but from what I hear, my money would be on Owens. Williams couldn't even stuff Williamson, the big fat bully.
Support the Griffin BNP together with these two idiots !
Griffin has sanctioned Williamson on VNN.


NorthWestNationalists said...

Williams has naff tattoos ! Why doesn't he change them ?

Anonymous said...

Well at least Williams has a sense of humour and some positive content with his attacks and cartoons of Fat Sid.

ITK said...

So you want to meet Tommy ?
Better keep a look out hes going to be pissed off when he sees this.

Graeme said...

Williams is a sick and twisted individual who is virtually incapable of uttering a word of truth.
He libels nationalists and their loved ones; even to the extent of defaming the memory of a wonderful lady whom he never even knew!
I challenge both Williams and Williamson to prove one single word about what they have said about her!

Anonymous said...

Why would Griffin allow a complete liability like Williamson to join the BNP? Something doesn't add up.

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