Monday, November 27, 2006

Once again some very murky stuff here !

(NWN: We are having some very serious discussions about the ramifications of this by US based Bob Whittaker.)

Nick Griffin, head of the British National Party, had a serious problem.

The BNP had been denied a back account.

A back account in Europe is a wholly different matter from here, and I lack the space to explain this chiasmic difference here.

So I told Nick I would do something about it.

At the next convention, Nick explained to me learnedly that the British Government had discovered that it would be better for the BNP to have an account in the UK than one they could not monitor.

After years of problems with this, it so happened that the problem was solved after he asked me for help.

I tried to get Nick to appreciate what my contacts had done, because there is one man in particular who is a genius at this stuff who stuck it to the British banking regulators. He didn’t knock himself out. He just made some calls saying that he could set up a US account for the BNP with connections that would put them totally out of British surveillance – there are LOTS of people who stay specifically out of British surveillance as I had to in Rhodesia – and the Brits decided Nick now had contacts they could not live with.

If you have spent your life in this business this was not a major leap.

But the BNP has NOT spent its life in this. So the year after Nick publicly begged for help on this matter it had been forgotten. He told me, in all seriousness, that the Brits and simply changed their minds.

Nick genuinely did not know who he had been talking to when he asked ME for help.

A word in the right place, knowing which interests counterbalance others, this is power.

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