Sunday, November 19, 2006

Exemplary history of service to our country

Now we come to the most appalling and disgraceful part of this story.

The man is actually aged 44, has spent 24 years in the Army and is broken by Post Traumatic Stress Disorder - for which he is on constant medication.

He is managing to hold down a job in security with the MoD.

His Army career included 4 tours of Northern Ireland, Kosovo and the Gulf War. The plastic bag contained a scrapbook in pristine condition, with all his discharge papers and recommendations from his CO to any prospective employers, plus his service medals - including his Long Service and Good Conduct Medal.

He has an exemplary record and has never been in trouble.By the most bizarre coincidence he also happens to be the father of the two youngsters assaulted and the estranged husband of the assaulted woman!

And, as he was walking past the scene, he was thinking of what had previously happened there when he was accosted by the reporter.Ex-soldier charged under Race Act He has now been charged and is due to appear in Court on 20th December.

He cannot even begin to think about Christmas as he is worried sick about what is going to happen to him and, as he was telling me all this, he was close to tears.

He then told me that only 5 days previously he was at the Remembrance Service standing proudly in his Sunday Best, wearing his Medals and remembering the mates he had lost.

At this point he burst into tears, threw his medals across the floor, and asked why no one cared about him when he had given his life and health to the service of his country?What could I say!

I was nearly in tears myself, as I am whilst I write this.

How a person, an old soldier be treated like this?

What is our country coming to?

Why did the Police not console him, take him home and make him a cup of tea?

My promise to him was that I would do all I could.We need to publicise this nationwide.We need to demonstrate outside the Court.We need to make sure that those in authority responsible for this travesty are held to account!

South East England BNP may be contacted by email

NWN : The scourge of shell shock/battle fatigue, or as it is now called, post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD) this is close to my family's heart. We have to say that Nick Griffin is being very hypocritical here, as he slagged off my late brother who suffered PTSD and was awarded a War pension from the MOD.

The e-mail I still have from Griffin .

What this means is, Griffin has slagged off an 'old soldier' like the one mentioned on the BNP main website, even after he has died ! That is why I thoroughly despise the man.

Mind you the 'low life' that moderates VNN UK forum also has seen the MOD documents, and he slagged my Brother off too. Still you expect that from a low life chav that loves foul mouth garbage such as Chubby Brown .

"You shall know them by their works ......."


Anonymous said...

Eddy Morrison still loves the fatboy SID according to posts he has made on VNN. Mind you Morrison is always for uniting but he then goes on to slag off other nationalists.These two should stop in the local off license together, a match made in heaven says the offy manager.

Anonymous said...


Graeme said...

There will be no let-up to the in-fighting until an example has been made.
Don't hold your breath!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Williams and Williamson have been attacking John Wood all this time.

Now Williams has attacked me on VNN.

Instead of attacking a deadman, my late brother, let us see their record against me.

Attacking a deadman show's their total lack of any morals. ERGO they are not nationalists.

They won't, because they have no record for the cause.


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