Friday, November 17, 2006

Where is Muad Dib ?

There are a few rumours abounding as to the why and wherefore, of just why 'jack boot' banned Wayne/MD from Stormfront forum.

Let us here hazard a wild guess as to why.

Was it because MD was always attacking that 'snake in the grass' Andy Robertson/JohnJoyTree for JJT's support of jews ?

Now we all know why Don Black allows Robertson to get away with murder on SF, and that is down to money from Robertson.

We also have an e-mail off Don Black where he says "he likes Nick Griffin".

SF is being attacked by 'Zionist populism', as is the BNP. At least Griffin is junketing with Zionist top bods such as Barbara Amiel who has her hands on £millions.

But what is Don Black doing ? Or, who is he dealing with, would be more to the point ?

There seems to be a paradox here with Don Black and David Duke. Who is speaking for the white nationalist cause over there, in the USA ?

Both seem to be the very best of friends, and have been for many a year. In spite of some rather strange social family patterns . But Black allowing and encouraging attacks on Duke on Stormfront, must have been noticed by Duke.

In our opinion, Black is a 'bum', to use common American parlance. Just what is his right to presume a voice in the 'grand scheme of things', in the white nationalist world wide campaign ?

He just happens to own an internet forum, nothing more, and he has done very little else either .

He has also benefitted from the US Constitutions written Free speech laws.

(Just how did Black know that the internet would be a major thing in 1995 when SF was started ? Don Black is not known for his keen intellect .)

Something he and SF should hold close to their hearts and protect.

Banning people from Stormfront for no reason is too common place.

I know, I was banned SIX times by the BNP Griffinite lackeys that run/moderate, the SF UK forum.

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