Saturday, November 11, 2006

This is a picture from a major NF meeting held in Rochdale on the 14th.February 1981, at the Travellers rest pub, in the centre of Rochdale. It is one of a series, some of which have been shown on this blog. There were over 300 + attendees to this meeting.

The people in the picture are from left to right;

My brother, Chris Barker (who was murdered by negroes in Sheffield in 2001), John Hamilton in his well known white suit, yours truly, David Riley (the then NW Regional Organiser), my Dad facing the camera, and my Mum.

Each and every one of these people, had stood for election' s for the National Front in the 1970's.

Other leading nationalists at this meeting were; Richard Verrall, Martin Webster, Andrew Brons and Ian Anderson. The meeting was to celebrate the wedding of Pete Barker.

[NWN: Picture can be enlarged, please right click on the pic.]

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