Thursday, November 09, 2006

The US Republican rats..........

Said Tweedle Dum to Tweedle Dee, “It’s time for the election,
In Yankee land, where simple folk must make their dim selection,
As, which of us, (though even we, can’t tell one from another),
Is least detested, in some way, less rotten than his brother.”
Said Tweedle Dum “I lied and lied and lied and lied for war.”
Said Tweedle Dee “I did that too, but many years before.”
Said Dum: “The Constitution, why I tore it up and pulped it,
Then cried aloud of ‘freedom’ from the Senate and the pulpit.”
“That’s nothing.” Said his brother with a supercilious look,
“I used it for my toilet, then shat in the holy book,
Whilst all the while declaring my belief in Christian lore,
As I murdered Muslims by the ton, and Christians by the score.”

So brother, does it matter, each will get his turn to reign?
Since the public see no option but to vote one out again,
And we are sure, as anyone can ever certain be,
That as you more abuse them, in return they vote for me.
Contrarywise, I always aim to make things worse, so properly,
The simpletons will never dare to challenge our monopoly.
For, since; each time the public learns to hate each party brother,
It never gains the commonsense to form a party other.

© John Bayldon 07 Nov 2006

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