Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Heads up !

[NWN: We are sure some of our Blackpool and Preston folk will ensure the Reds are kept on their toes ;-) ]

15/11/06: Blackpool demonstration against the BNP conference
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North West Region UAF together with Blackpool Fylde and Wyre TUC have called a demonstration against the British National Party holding their badly-named Annual Conference in Blackpool.

The demonstration is an opportunity to show the people of Blackpool that there are antifascists out there who will support those who oppose the BNP and similar fascist organisations, and to show the BNP that there is opposition out here that is prepared to stand up and be counted. We need a BIG turnout for this one - it's likely to be the only large demonstration that will take place in the region between now and the council elections next May.

* Please note venue change *Plan: If we discover the location of the BNP conference, we will relocate the demo on the day. If not, we'll have a number of speakers followed by a mass-leaflet of the shopping centre - particularly around where the BNP usually have their stall.Location: Following discussions with the police, the demo has been moved to a better location at the square at the top of Victoria Street at the side entrance to the Winter Gardens. A map that clearly shows the location (marked by an asterisk) is here.Directions: If you're coming from the prom, aim for Blackpool Tower and Victoria Street is just a few metres to the North of it. Victoria Street is pedestrianised so walk to the other end of it and you'll find us in the big square next to the Winter Gardens. For drivers, the best way is to park up in the Hounds Hill shopping centre multi-storey car park, go out through the shopping centre and you're in Victoria Street. Turn right and the demo is a fifty metre stroll.Time: 12 noonDate: Saturday November 25thNotes: Some speakers have to be confirmed but we'll cover that in updates over the next few days. Dress up warm. It's chilly in Blackpool in November.This is our one and only opportunity to show Blackpool BNP that we are here and we are opposing them. It's vital to stop the growth of the BNP in the region and this is our opportunity to make a great start on that. Let's make it big and noisy. Please spread the word about the demo as far and wide as you can.

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