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A few people have asked for more info on the Nick Griffin /Barbara Amiel link. We re-publish this document that was put out by veteran nationalist Martin Webster, a couple of months back.

Another source is leading Griffin apologist 'EASTMAN' on Stormfront UK, where he casually uses the term 'Babs being in regular phone contact with Griffin' in a thread. This Amiel linkage is common knowledge among many BNP Officials, though most seem not to understand the relevance. Let us not forget that Griffin has been in contact with Rabbi Meyer Schiller since BEFORE he got himself elected to the BNP leadership in mid 1999. Rabbi Schiller was a member of the Trafalgar Club.

It is only in the light of these links, can we see the why and how, Griffin allows and encourages Lee Barnes to throw out his inflammatory incendiaries, to upset long term British nationalists and well read nationalists World wide.

The Electronic 'WATCH ON ZION'

Issue No. 8, Tuesday 1st August 2006.


Address: BM Box ICR, London WC1N 3AA, Great Britain.Phone: 07932 049019

"I support Israel 100%"says BNP polemicist(with Griffin's blessing)I have decided to use the "Electronic Watch on Zion" (EWoZ) heading rather than the "Electronic Loose Cannon" (ELC) masthead to continue my reporting and analysis of the activities of the British National Party because that party is increasingly being steered by its Chairman, Nick Griffin, in a Zion-wards direction, with the direct help and encouragement of leading Zionist propagandists.Consider this:".....As a Nationalist I can say that I support Israel 100% in their dispute with Hezbollah. In fact, I hope they wipe Hezbollah off the Lebanese map and bomb them until they leave large greasy craters in the cities where their Islamic extremist cantons of terror once stood."

Nominally, this rant -- and much more besides [the whole malodorous thing is below] -- was written by Lee Barnes, a leading BNP polemicist.

The BNP web site says that Barnes writes with "vigour, honesty and passion". How that description can apply to the outpourings of an ignoramus oaf at closing time I leave the reader to determine.The kind of 'analysis' Barnes deploys and the "references" he cites (mostly out of numerical order; mostly to Jewish-owned / Jewish-influenced sources) are reminiscent of the output to be seen in the The Spectator and the Daily/Sunday Telegraph these past few years since they became Israel-worshipping sounding boards for "Right Wing" Zionist and Neo-Con opinion.

The ideological/polemical similarity (to say nothing of the lust for the blood of terrorised villagers) should come as no surprise since earlier this year Griffin had a telephone hob-nob with Barbara Amiel, as I revealed in the Electronic Loose Cannon No. 19 of 16th April 2006.Griffin has not denied that report.

His silence on that topic, plus the steady stream of pro-Jewish, pro-Israel items from various BNP sources, can be taken as confirmation that what I wrote was true.

In my report about the Amiel/Griffin phone conversation I mentioned that Amiel was the wife of 'Lord' Conrad Black (currently awaiting trial on charges of plundering the media companies of which he once had charge) and a long-term friend of Binyamin 'Bibi' Netanyahu.

I described Netanyahu merely as "an extreme right wing' Zionist ultra".


It was remiss of me not to mention that Netanyahu is the leader of Israel's Likud Party, which is the direct descendant of the Zionist terrorist organisation the Irgun Zwei Leumi which carried out numerous terrorist atrocities in Palestine in the 1940s including.....* the bombing of the King David Hotel in Jerusalem. (A precedent for the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Centre in New York);* the slow-hanging with piano-wire of British Army Sergeants Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin in the eucalyptus groves of Nethanya, as well as the murders of countless other of "our lads" in Palestine on a League of Nations peace-keeping mandate;*

The slaughter of the people of Dir Yassein and of other villages, putting panic-stricken Palestinians to flight in a shocking orgy of ethnic cleansing.

I will deal with these and other incidents in greater detail in due course.The Irgun was headed by Menachem Begin who co-founded the Likud Party and became Israel's prime minister in 1977.Few doubt that the Irgun and its equally bloody partners in the Stern Gang, whose leader was also destined to become an Israeli PM, invented the techniques modern-day terrorism which have been employed by fiends ranging from the IRA to al-Qaida -- all enemies of everything for which the BNP is supposed to stand.

Nationalists with experiences of the 1960s onwards will also know that the 'British' Zionist terrorist organisation known as The 62 Group, led by money-lender Donald Calderhead and the Soho club owner Harry Bidney, was for the most-part made up of Likud supporters.

When the 62 Group dissolved, its remnant formed the Searchlight organisation. I mention these details not only because some ELC readers may not know them, but also to place on record that to my certain personal knowledge, Nick Griffin is fully aware of ALL of these facts.

Griffin has refused to deny that he hob-nobbed on the phone with Amiel, a leading apologist for the likes of Begin and Stern and an associate of their direct heir, Netanyahu, who advocates the construction of a "Greater Israel" using the bones of murdered Palestinians and the rubble of their bulldozed homes as hardcore.

I have little doubt that the substance of the article to which Barnes appended his name was in fact written and "researched" by one or another of the propagandists involved in Amiel's circle.

While Barnes may take the discredit for nominally writing the article, the blame for its appearance must be left at the door of Nick Griffin, Chairman of the BNP, who has been edging his party (and I do mean "his" in the sense of, say, the proprietor of a sweet shop) in a pro-Jewish, Zion-wards direction for several years now.GRIFFIN HAS USED BARNES LIKE A BIG TOE TO TEST THE WATER

Even so, Griffin is being careful, as there are still a (dwindling) number of British Nationalists within the BNP. So he used Barnes as his 'big toe' to dip in the tub of membership opinion. If the 'water' is too hot, then the 'big toe' can be withdrawn with an admonitory "tut-tut" for Barnes.

But if there are few complaints because.......1) so many genuine Nationalists have quit the BNP in disgust -- or have been expelled; and,2) so many of the new intake are Sun/Mail reading 'Populist' ignoramuses;........then Griffin will conclude that this bogus "debate" conducted via the web-site publication of the Barnes article with the post-script invitation for readers to respond to it, has indicated that he can get away with espousing the pro-Jewish, pro-Israel line quite openly himself without any ructions from the membership.

It is noteworthy that Barnes' genocide-inciting rant appeared not only on the day that news broke of the latest and, thus far, most horrific massacre by the Israelis of 50 Lebanese civilians -- mostly children -- cowering in a cellar, but also on the eve of the anniversary of the murder by Irgun Zvai Leumi terrorists of two British soldiers, Sergeants Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin.
Many of you will not know who Paice and Martin were, thanks not only to the deplorable suppressions of the Jewish controlled mass media, but to the cravenly pro-Jewish cowardice of the British National Party. The facts are these:THE RECORD OF JEWISH TERRORISM AGAINST BRITISH SOLDIERS AND ARAB VILLAGERS

After the First World War the League of Nations lumbered Britain with the Mandate to administer the land of Palestine after the Turks had been driven out by General Allenby (helped by Lawrence of Arabia and his Bedouin 'irregulars').

In the inter-war years the Zionist Jews started injecting themselves into Palestine claiming:
"It's OUR land! Our God has told us so! Look See! It says so in our Bible! What more proof do you need? Anybody who opposes God's word is by definition EVIL! God says we are entitled to smite those who defy Him/us."

I wonder how many of you thought of God as that 'Great Land Registry in the Sky'?
Immediately after the Second World War, this trickle of illegal immigrant Jews into Palestine became a flood and the Palestinians understandably became skittish.The Jews formed various terrorist organisations including the Haganah, the Irgun Zvai Leumi and the Stern Gang (or Lehi).

They mounted terrorist attacks not only on Palestinians but also on the British Mandate forces.The Jewish terrorists' strategy against the Palestinians was to instil such fear in them that they fled their land, literally terrorised.

The purpose was not just ethnic cleansing, but a propaganda device to enable the Zionist lie machine to declare that the Jewish settlers were "moving into an empty land"!One of the worst such massacres was at the village of Deir Yassein in 1947 where men, woman and children were put to the sten-gun and, in many case, the knife.The Red Cross found scores of bodies down the village well. What was left of the village baker and his sons were found in their own oven. A few petrified village girls who survived the massacre were paraded, naked, before a delighted, jeering Jewish crowd. For Arab girls, that treatment was worse than death. These people take modesty and chastity very seriously."

IT MUST NEVER HAPPEN AGAIN" -- DID I HEAR A 'HOLOCAUST' PROPAGANDIST WAIL?When British forces managed to capture Zionist terrorists they were subjected to lawful trial and, if convicted, were sentenced to terms of imprisonment or hanging, depending on the severity of their crimes.On 4th May 1947 Irgun terrorists made an attack on Acre Prison to release some of its members who had been tried and convicted. In an ensuing shoot-out, five Irgun terrorists were captured, charged with capital crimes. On 16th June 1947 three of them -- Avshalom Haviv, Meier Nakar, and Yaacov Weiss -- were found guilty and sentenced to be hanged.On 20th June 1947, the two British Army Sergeants Mervyn Paice and Clifford Martin, were kidnapped by the Irgun. Menachem Begin then issued the threat that if the convicted Irgun gunmen were executed, then Paice and Martin would die.(Yes! Paice and Martin were KIDNAPPED, in just the way Israeli soldiers have been kidnapped recently by the Hamas and Hisbollah. As yet, no kidnapped Israeli soldiers have been killed, let alone slow-hanged with piano-wire. Funny how in Israeli eyes, kidnapping of soldiers -- that is to say, JEWISH soldiers -- has suddenly become "terrorism" and the pretext for the outbreak of war; but that the kidnapping, roture and murder of BRITISH soldiers is "freedom-fighting". But I digress.)On 23rd July 1947 the three Jewish terrorists were executed according to law. Nobody argued that the trial these men had been given was not fair trial or that the death sentences for terrorist murders was unreasonable or unlawful.On the night of the 30th/31st of July 1947 Sgts. Paice and Martin were slow-hanged with piano wire. Their corpses were left to dangle from trees in the eucalyptus groves at Nathanya. As an added refinement, the terrorists mined the corpses in the hope that those who came to cut them down would also be killed. Fortunately, this vile trick failed.In his book, "The Revolt", Menachem Begin remarked:
"....the two Britons were hanged. We repaid our enemy in kind. We warned him again and again. He callously disregarded our warnings...."The Daily Express in London used a photo of the dangling corpses of Paice and Martin on its front page. Later, the negatives and all copies of the photo were mysteriously "lost" from the newspaper's photo library and have never been seen again.

The then owner of the Express Newspaper Group, Max Aitken (Lord Beaverbrook) had this to say about Jewish power:"They can tear the flesh from your bones! The flesh from your bones!" I have this account first-hand from A.K. Chesterton (at the time Beaverbrook's literary advisor, who later became the first Chairman of the National Front.) SOME JEWISH ATROCITIES AGAINST BRITISH PEACE-KEEPERS IN PALESTINE

Begin's and the Irgun's litany of terrorist murder against British personnel, includes the following, by no means a complete list:

1) April 1946, Tel Aviv:The murder of British soldiers sleeping in their beds in a military car park.

2) 22nd July 1946, Jerusalem:The blowing up of the King David Hotel, killing about 100 British military and civilian personnel.

3) December 1946:The kidnapping and whipping with metal cables of three Sergeants from the 2nd Parachute Brigade.

4) 1st March1947, Jerusaslem:Planting a bomb in the Goldsmiths Officers' Club, killing 10 military personnel.

5) 18th April 1947, Nathanya:Planting a bomb in No. 1 Field Dressing Station, killing one British soldier.

6) 20th April 1947:Throwing a bomb at a Red Cross convalescent depot cinema.

7) 30/31st July 1847, Nathanya:The slow-hanging with piano-wire of Sgts Paice and Martin.

8) 26th September 1947, Tel Aviv:Murder of four British Palestine Police officers during a robbery at Barclays Bank.

9) 29th September 1947, Haifa:The murder by bombing of nine British Palestine Police officers during an attack on their H.Q.

10) February 1948, Jerusalem:The murder by shooting of two British Palestine Police officers as they lay in their sick-beds at Wallach Hospital; and the similar murder of another Police officer at the Hadassah Clinic.Crimes against British personnel, doing their duty under a League of Nations Mandate, were of course also perpetrated by the allies of the Irgun: the Haganah and the Stern Gang.As ever, these Jewish terrorists had the full support of Hollywood's Jewish owners. One of them, the "famous" screenwriter Ben Hecht, wrote after the Paice and Martin murders:
"Every time I hear a British soldier has been killed, I have a little holiday in my heart!"

Yes! This was the same Ben Hecht who wrote that the killing of Christ was justified "......but trust the mob to make a mess of it! They should have fed him to the lions! They'd have never made a god out of mince-meat!"

Oi veh! Such wonderful, heimische Jewish wit already!

That delightful edge of Chutzpah !

How can anybody not love these people!?

THE JEWISH TERRORIST PLAN TO DIVE BOMB THE HOUSE OF COMMONS British Secret Service (MI6) archives have recently come to light which indicate that the Jewish terrorists had a plan, in an advanced state of preparation, to hire and plane in Britain, load it with explosives and perpetrate a suicide dive-bomb against the House of Commons In London when it was in session and when Foreign Secretary Ernie Bevin was at the Dispatch Box.Imagine exterminating not only the entire British government but a large portion of parliamentarians of all parties in one fell swoop.

An anarchist-loony's dream!

Not even the IRA Provos dreamed of that when they placed a bomb in The Grand Hotel Brighton with the intent of murering Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher and many of her Cabinet Ministers. Only heavy pressure from the political wing of the Zionist movement that such a coup against "the Mother of Parliaments" might be "counter-productive" caused the terrorist wing, reluctantly, to abort the project.(Note, "counter-productive" not "an evil, unjustified, monstrous act of terrorism".)

A report about this Jewish terrorist plan was broadcast -- one might almost say hidden away -- on BBC Radio 4 at 8.00pm on Monday 24th July.

The recording was off the BBC web site within days.

There has been no TV coverage and almost no press attention.

Can we imagine such a plan being worked up against a Jewish target being given this light coverage? Can we imagine such a plan being worked up by contemporary Arab terrorists against the House of Commons today being almost ignored?

So the "9/11" suicide dive-bombings of the Twin Towers in New York by Arab terrorists decades later turns out not be have been quite such an "unprecedented act of mass murder" after all!

Don't think that the Israelis are incapable of perpetrating such unjustifiable slaughter as was envisaged in the House of Commons bomb plot.Forget -- for a moment -- the mass killings of the Lebanese. Turn to the deliberate extermination of the U.N. Observers near the Lebanese border, then cast your mind back to the Israeli attack of the American signals intelligence ship U.S.S. Liberty at the start of the 1967 Israel/Arab war.

Even though The Liberty was clearly identified, it was continuously bombed and strafed, and her crew were then continuously strafed while they were in the sea. U.S. President Lyndon Johnson ordered the U.S. Navy commanders in the area NOT to act to defend their stricken comrades, and not to speak of the matter if they wished to continue in the service and avoid proseccution!

Johnson, one of the most corrupt of all American presidents, was deeply in the pockets of the American-Jewish Lobby.Google-up "U.S.S. Liberty" and find U.S. Admiral Moorer's web site to get the full facts.The murders of those American sailors was perpetrated by Israel because they were afraid that the signals intelligence picked up by The Liberty would expose the fact that it was Israel, not the Arab nations, who started that war. The U.N. Observers on the Lebanon border last month were slaughtered so that no independent witness could be had concerning Israel's savage and grossly disproportionate attacks on the Lebanese people.


Bad though the record of Jewish terrorism against British forces in the late 1940s is, it pales into insignificance against the wholesale ethnic cleansing exterminations perpetrated against largely unarmed Palestinian villagers, innocent folk who were and are interested only in cultivating their olive and orange groves, as their ancestors had done for centuries.

If you seek a model or a precedent for what the Israelis are NOW doing to harmless Lebanese villagers (to say nothing of the downtrodden Palestinian remnant on the West Bank and in Gaza), you have only to study what the Jews did in the 1940sOf all this horror, this is what Menachem Begin wrote in the introduction to his book "The Revolt": "....And truth compels the author to ask himself: .... would you do again what you did then? The answer is definitely 'YES'!"

If we want to know why there are Arab terrorist, Arab suicide bombers and turmoil throughout the Middle East, it is because of the disgusting behaviour of Israel and the disgusting support and assistance given to Israel by the United States of American and Britain in particular, and most of the western world in general.This support for Israel has been contrived by the Jews by application of three elements:

1) Financial patronage:Putting to one side the reliance British Prime Minister Tony Blair puts on his Money Man, 'Lord' Michael Levy, (a leading Zionist, who has sweet-talked dozens of millions of pounds worth of "loans" for the Labour Party, and millions of pounds worth of grants to Tony Blair's "private office" -- whatever that is! -- and who has long been appointed Blair's "Personal Emissary in the Middle East" -- how impartial!! -- let us remember this crucial fact:At the last count, 45 per cent of the funds raised for the Republican Party and 55 per cent of the funds raised for the Democratic Party some from American-Zionist lobby groups.

Most of this money is part of the $3 BILLION a year the American taxpayer gives in "aid" to Israel -- 75 per cent of which is given in CASH! Cash means no 'paper trail' indicating the way the money was used.Some of this cash is syphoned back to various organisations within the American-Jewish lobby groups system, who then use the money to bribe American's two main political parties. So American taxpayers subscribe money to their government to "aid" the Israelis to corrupt the politician of both parties in America to support Israel against America's national interest! How the princes of Jewry must laugh at the Goyim!

2) Media Patronage:All of you should get hold of a copy of a booklet produced about 10 years ago called "The Mind Benders". It was a devastating exposé of Jewish control of the mass media in Britain, the United States and globally. Most of the work on this booklet was done by a brilliant academic called Mark Deavin.He, however, was happy for the booklet to be published as written by....guess who? NICK GRIFFIN!

If you want to learn how Jewish media control is deployed to warp the political systems of all the major political parties -- certainly in the English-speaking world -- then look no further than this book.

It's funny, but for a few years, I haven't seen that booklet advertised anywhere.

Can some of my readers please e-mail Griffin and ask him where they can obtain a copy of 'his' brilliant booklet? (Don't forget to take the sarcastic single inverted commas from around the word 'his' when e-mailing him!!)

3) Holocaust Propaganda and Threat of "Anti-Semite!" Smears:These propaganda and blackmailing devices do not need my explanation. They are known to all of you.WHAT IS GRIFFIN DOING IN THE COMPANY OF ZIONIST ULTRAS AND NEO-CONS?

All this brings us back to the point where we started: Griffin's ever-closer involvement with Zionist 'Ultras' and Neo-Cons?

Anybody who has followed Griffin's career since he entered nationalist politics (via the National Front) in 1975 will realise that he is:(a) An opportunistic gad-fly, who has flitted from party to party, cause to cause, ideology to ideology, like a butterfly. These causes and beliefs have been so unalike as to be chalk to cheese. They cannot be part of a principled intellectual development from fundamental principles, but simply a flitting from perch to perch, the sole objective being not truth but the attainment of a branch higher up the tree.(b) Obsessed by money, up to and beyond the point of being a criminal swindler.

He has swindled parties. He has swindled individuals.

In one case he justified swindling one man ( "C.T.", a fellow member of the International Third Position, publishers of the Final Conflict NewsEmail) by remarking that he was "a drunk". He swindled another man "T.W." -- at the time his sister's fiancé! -- by simply denying that the loan for bulk-buying CDs had ever been transacted by him. The list of Griffin's swindles and jiggery-pokery is almost endless.

I know Nick Griffin very well. For four years I knew him intimately.

But you can be sure that Jewry's and the Establishment's intelligence agencies know him even better than I do. They can tap phones. They can intercept post and e-mail. They can, directly or indirectly, interview everybody who has had anything to do with him -- and they ahve done all these things, you can be sure.

The fact that he is an opportunistic gad-fly, the fact that he is obsessed by money and is willing to perpetrate swindles against his own colleagues and even family friends, are not character attributes which will set Jewry and the Establishment against Griffin. Not at all. Such character attributes will COMMEND Griffin to them.

I expect that most readers of this bulletin believe that Tony Blair is an utterly 'bought-and-paid-for' opportunistic political crook who is out only for himself and who has used the Labour Party merely as a platform for his own personal advancement and enrichment.If you can believe this of Blair -- or of Bush, and a string of other trans-Atlantic political prostitutes -- why can't you believe that Griffin is much the same?

Indeed, I would depict Griffin as being a cross between Tony Blair and Jeffrey Archer.Is it because Griffin has attached the word "Nationalist" to himself; because you believe yourself to be a Nationalist, and because you a DESPERATE to see some signs of a surge for the Nationalist cause?

Are you so desperate that you will blind yourself to obvious truths, rather like a very young child thinks it can hide itself by putting its hand over its eyes?

It is by exploiting the desperation and unsophistication of decent ordinary idealists that the con-men who attach themselves to parties -- Blair with Labour; Cameron with the Tories; Griffin with the BNP -- are able to swindle their way to wealth and even "honours'.


Now read what Griffin has promoted Lee Barnes to say on the BNP web site.

Martin Webster. ============================================

[NWN: n.b. The Barnes article has been cut to save space........]

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Strange how so called nationalists now seem to quick to allow themselves to be run by the number 1 enemy, jewish/zionism . Zionism has been at the forefront of opposition to us for decades.

Why are the jews so great now ?

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