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Some of the information contained in the appended Jewish Chronicle article may be true, but I suspect that much of it is propaganda designed to scare people off visiting anti-Zionist, anti-Jewish web sites, or even uttering the slightest word uncomplimentary to the Jews via e-mail.

The lesson is: don't be intimidated. The more people speak up, and speak up frankly, the better. (Make a start: circulate this message far and wide.)

The Jews don't control the Internet the way that they control the press, TV, radio and other media. Thus they seek to undermine it and intimidate people from using it to criticise them.

The only thing I find a bit sickening about the article is the way in which it suggests that the Israeli Mossad and British and American spook outfits are all playing on the same team.

A Jewish-made American TV series about a U.S. military intelligence outfit has an Israeli girl Mossad spook working (with the full approval of the U.S. government!) inside the inner recesses of the American intelligence community. I believe that the 'British' equivalent TV series "Spooks" has run an episode with a similar MI5 + Mossad scenario.

In connection with this trend, I note that Jewish/Zionist propagandists are very keen on showing Israeli flags flying crossed with the Starts & Stripes or with the Union Jack (depending on the audience). That crossed flags device has already been adopted by the Jewish Lads' & Girls Brigade (the supposed Jewish equivalent of the Boys' Brigade, patriotic Christian formation).

The suggestion of all this to simple-minded and ill-informed patriots in Britain and the USA is that their homeland is being defended not only by their own home-grown security services, but that of Israel also!

(I wonder if the BNP's web site will carry an uncritical copy of the Jewish Chronicle article to uphold Gri££in's pro-Jewish line and to maintain its Jewish Community Security Trust standing as ".....the most Zionist of the political web sites...." as quoted in the Jewish Chronicle last April?)

The American security agents who nicked Jonathan Pollard a decade or so ago will no doubt greet the suggestion that Israeli and American security organisations are all part of the same team with some amusement.

Pollard was the Jewish-American spy who not only sold 'his' country's most classified weaponry and communications secrets to the Israelis for big cash, but also, as a side-line, to the Chinese.

His trading with the Chinese was probably done with the permission of his Mossad bosses to further the project to ingratiate Israel into the good books of the emerging Chinese super-power. (Yes! When the American super-power starts to falter, the Jews will need a new protector.....but the Chinkies may be a match for them.)

Pollard resides in jail, but he draws a huge pension from Israel which is allowed to accumulate in his U.S. bank account. This pension, of course, is ultimately paid for by the American public. At least $3 Billion of their tax dollars is sent by their rotten government every year to prop-up Israel. A large portion of that aid is sent in untraceable CASH!

The American security establishment has refused, thus far, to take heed of American-Jewish and Israeli whining and blandishments concerning Pollard, which may be summarised as follows:

"America's secrets, surely, are Israel's secrets, and vice versa. We're allies, aren't we?? So what Pollard did can't really be thought of as 'spying and subversion', already!"

Perhaps America's topmost military not only remember the Pollard case, but also the fate of the American sailors aboard the U.S.S. 'Liberty' who were bombed and then strafed by Israeli jets for monitoring Israeli communications which established that it was Israel who sparked the 1967 Middle-East war. Let us hope so.

Martin Webster.

Jewish Chronicle - Friday 20th June 2008

Meet the cyberspies living among the world's deadliest terrorists
by Eric Silver in Tel Aviv, Jewish Chronicle

In a Tel Aviv office, under-cover agents are infiltrating the world's Islamist websites...........

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