Saturday, June 28, 2008

News is reaching us that Gri££in has allowed back into the party in London two vile and totally disreputable creatures.
Firstly ex-London Regional organiser Nick Eriksen, who we were lead to believed was sacked and had given up his membership card in April, is now back in some type of management postion in the capital, the news link below tells it all, this man lost us a lot of votes on May 1st over his disgusting personal views, as most people know he was candidate number two on the BNP's London Assembly list just behind Richard Barnbrook, until his demise but has now resufaced after just two months.

Another old face back on the scene is Tony 'Bomber' Lecomber, Gri££in 'sacked' him back in 2007 (Organisers' bulletin April 2007 : "Internal party business should therefore not be discussed with him and he should not be invited to attend party actvities.") In fact many are saying Lecomber has been working for Gri££in all the time since this date, but well hidden away. The following Glasgow Sunday Herald (remembering that this was the only newspaper to report on this incident, and Lecomber was never visited by the police!) report is suffice to say that Gri££in's sense of judgement and leadership qualities on continually employing Lecomber and bringing Eriksen back onboard, should be very seriously examined by all the membership!'Senior BNP official suggested assassinating prominent politicians';Right-wing party in turmoil over sensational allegations Investigation by Neil Mackay, Sunday Herald, 28th May 2006 THE British National Party are in crisis over allegations that one of their most senior members tried to recruit a leading UK Nazi into a criminal conspiracy to assassinate prominent politicians and members of the British establishment.The claims were made by Joe Owens, who was once the most senior member of the BNP in the Merseyside area and chief bodyguard for BNP leader Nick Griffin. He told the Sunday Herald that in a meeting with Tony Lecomber (Griffin's chief lieutenant) in January this year, Lecomber asked him to take part in a campaign of terror and murder directed against British political figures deemed enemies by the far-right.Lecomber admitted that a conversation took place with Owens but said that he did not mean the allegations to be taken literally.Owens told the Sunday Herald:"Lecomber said to me that it was 'too late to stop immigration' and he went on to talk about recent statistics that showed an increase in births from immigrants. He said to me that we needed 'direct action'."I asked him what he meant by the expression 'direct action'. He said, 'Targeting members of the establishment who were aiding and abetting the coloured invasion of this country.' I asked Lecomber what he meant by 'targeting'. He said, 'Killing them.'" According to Owens, Lecomber referred to targeting figures such as Deputy Prime Minister John Prescott and former director-general of the BBC Greg Dyke, who once referred to the corporation as "hideously white".Owens told the Sunday Herald that Lecomber said "killing" British political figures "would deter other people filling their jobs". Owens claimed he told Lecomber that such tactics had not worked for Irish republican terrorists and referred to the assassination of Airey Neave - the Tory MP killed in a car bomb by the INLA - as proof that murder did not work as a political tool.Owens said he asked Lecomber how the targets would be killed. Lecomber, Owens told the Sunday Herald, replied that "a lot of intelligence would have to be gathered on those he planned to target, and cars with false number plates would have to be acquired".Owens said he then called the meeting to a halt, saying he wanted nothing more to do with such a "mad scheme". And, in reference to the killing of Jean Charles de Menezes by armed Metropolitan Police last summer, told Lecomber that "he would not last any longer than the Brazilian lad shot by the police on the tube".As the pair parted, said Owens, Lecomber told him: "If you change your mind, give me a call."Neither men are strangers to violence and both have criminal records for offences connected to extreme rightwing activity. In 1985, Lecomber was convicted of possessing explosives and sentenced to three years in jail after he injured himself when a nail-bomb he was carrying blew up near the offices of the Workers' Revolutionary Party.He was found with 10 grenades at his home, as well as seven Molotov cocktails and two detonators. The offence earned him his nickname, Lecomber the Bomber.In 1991, he got another three years in prison for unlawful wounding after he attacked a Jewish school teacher on the London tube system who he'd seen tearing down neo-Nazi stickers. At the time, he was the BNP's director of propaganda. When he contacted Owens, Lecomber was the BNP's development organiser with responsibility for building membership and setting up party organisations around the UK.Owens received a 12-month sentence for sending razor blades in the post to Jews and another 12 months when he was caught with CS gas and knuckledusters in his car.Owens told the Sunday Herald that immediately after the meeting with Lecomber, he contacted a number of senior figures on the far-right and met with Nick Griffin a few days later to discuss Lecomber's behaviour. According to Owens, Griffin said he would "confront" Lecomber.LECOMBER'S activities caused some senior figures in the far-right to speculate that he might be an agent provocateur working on behalf of the British security service. The theory is that Lecomber was encouraged to get Owens - a man with a history of violence - involved in a plot to carry out murder. This would have resulted in arrests of leading far-right figures and the ruination of the BNP.The BNP are becoming an increasing concern for the government and security services, such as MI5, as the party - still home to many political extremists and neo-Nazis - are moving closer and closer to the political mainstream.Griffin has long talked about swapping "boots for suits" - a reference to his policy of jettisoning overt neo-Nazi imagery and associations for a more professional and respectable image.Many on the far-right see Griffin as the BNP's Tony Blair, and despise him for trying to water-down racist policies and practices. Griffin himself is an extreme hardliner by tradition, but has tried to adopt a modernising approach and a much more toned-down public persona in recent years.Griffin told the Sunday Herald that he met with Lecomber and told him that he would have to either resign or be sacked.Griffin said that he "didn't know" how much truth there was to Owen's claims, but added that Lecomber had told him during their meeting that he had meant the comments as a joke."He told me they discussed the mess of the country and said something like 'they deserve to be shot', referring to those in charge, " said Griffin. "He says it was meant in a jovial way and was not serious incitement. In the end, there were only two people there and no-one knows what was said apart from those two. The best thing for me to do was to therefore not take one side or the other."Griffin did say that Owens was "hostile" to the party, and was currently writing his memoirs. Griffin suggested that Owens wanted a "sensationalist story" to promote his book. He also suggested that Owens was paranoid. Griffin added that Lecomber had told him that Owen's claims were a "crock of shit".Despite Griffin ordering Lecomber to stand down, the party leader has been accused of going soft on Lecomber and protecting him.Owens dismissed any claim that Lecomber's comments were made as a joke as "utter nonsense". He pointed out that until the meeting Lecomber and he had not spoken for many months and that Lecomber had come all the way from his home in London to Liverpool for the meeting."Would he come all that way just to chat to me in a jovial way about shooting people?" Owens asked.Owens, who describes himself proudly as "an unrepentant Nazi", added that he would happily take a polygraph test and also pay for Lecomber to take a lie detector test to establish who was telling the truth about the nature of their meeting.Lecomber told the Sunday Herald that he had not meant the comments seriously. "I've known Joe Owens as a friend for more than 20 years. We were talking politics and I said to him, referring to the government, 'These people should be taken out and shot.' It was a figure of speech, not an invitation."At that point, he didn't say, 'Hold on, what are you saying?' I went away and a day later he's saying that I'm going on about killing people. I spoke to Nick and I resigned from the party."On his own admission, Lecomber has been "very organisationally effective for the party". He helped mastermind Griffin's takeover of the BNP, and has been one of the key figures behind their recent electoral successes. However, Lecomber also admitted he was "a liability for the party because of my past".Lecomber added: "Owen's allegations aren't true. They are a pack of shit. I don't give a f*** what is written about me. People have said all sorts about me in the past - even that I'm an MI5 agent.I don't take any of it seriously."NEED TO KNOWTHE FACTS It has been alleged that a senior member of the British National Party attempted to recruit a leading UK Nazi into a conspiracy to assassinate prominent politicians. The claims were made by Joe Owens, once chief bodyguard for BNP leader Nick Griffin.The member described the comments as a figure of speech.
NWN: Owens cannot be taken as a serious voice on the nationalist scene. Nevertheless, Lecomber is a known fruitcake.
Also, Erikson has resurfaced as 'Fraser' on SFUK. So that would confirm his renewed support for Griffin and vice versa.
Personally I would not allow any of these three to be a member of the BNP.


helen said...

joe owens on Stormfront says you work for Searchlight is this true and what do you have to say about it?

NorthWestNationalists said...

This is apparently Dave Howard using the name 'helen'.

As much as I despise the low life Howard, I would never have expected him to be 'helen' on a friday night !

Whatever turns you on dave.

Do I really need to paste your IP address ?

Anonymous said...

The link to thisislondon does not have the story about Eriksen's return.

Anonymous said...

Lecomber never went away. He works for GWR designing and printing sleeves for CDs/DVD's and posts on SF under the name 'Boatman'

The BNP makes a lot of money rehashing NF demo's and selling them as independents so there's no link to the BNP

Anonymous said...

"helen said...
joe owens on Stormfront says you work for Searchlight is this true and what do you have to say about it?

28 June 2008 01:42"

Everyone who speaks the truth is branded searchlight/RED

No one gives a shit about that label anymore, it means nothing.

Anonymous said...

The Evening Standard link to Eriksen doesn't work. Could you re-produce article on here?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...