Friday, June 27, 2008

BNP Hits Rock Bottom

The British National Party has been wasting membership money again, but this time on a scheme to recruit old members. And, when we say old members, we mean people who resigned, or were booted out more than 7 yrs ago. Have those at BNP HQ forgotten that they wielded the axe over these members, or are they so desperate for cash they’re scraping what they consider to be the bottom of their very OWN barrel?

As one elderly chap said to us “If we weren’t good enough for Griffin a few years ago, then he can **** off”

Our sentiments exactly.


Dave said...

Once again I have been 'invited' to contribute to the 'fantastic' Operation Truth Truck. They must be getting desperate at HQ again.

Anonymous said...

In light of the new post on this board regarding, Edgar Griffin, I'm inclined to think the BNP are doing the states work and tracking down old members for them so they can be kept an eye on.

Fuck the BNP

boltonboy said...

Just another sign of the BNP's apalling performance under NG. To be mailing people who resigned/ lapsed / were kicked out/ died SEVEN years ago !!!


And just to round off the week :-

a lost deposit in Henley

a nothing result in Hatfield

and the share of the vote in Blackpool falls by a third.

Onwards and upwards ??? More like down and out under Griffin.

Anonymous said...

When will you all realise the BNP is beyond salvage and join the BPP?

Anonymous said...

I've just recieved one of these letters. I'll scan it and email it on.

Anonymous said...

"Onwards and upwards ??? More like down and out under Griffin.

27 June 2008 13:01"

Griffin is running us into the ground.

Anonymous said...

I have been banned from re-joining the party but I still get begging letters. The hope and Glory booklet was okay but how much is it costing.

Anonymous said...

....When will you all realise the BNP is beyond salvage and join the BPP...?

.... Ha ha ha - its the way you tell them. The bpp - thats gonna get joe public queuing up to join = NOT.

Whos running it this week, Sid or Eddy - or is it Cocoa the Clowns turn.

Ya Vule mein fuhrer the bpp (the gang of 3) are about to seize power - free water proof sofa's for everyone.

Anonymous said...

I by no means agree with the bnp Nor do I stand by their political 'beliefs' but Mark Nixon is my my only living grandfather so shut up about him please.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...