Friday, June 27, 2008

The Rebels in court

We hear that the case has been put on hold due to Griffin not paying his solicitors.

Anyone with more info?


Anonymous said...

Griffin knows he's going to lose the case as well as not being able to pay it.

Anonymous said...

Is there no Masonic charity that could help Griffin out - since he is after all a "lewis"?

Anonymous said...

All we need now is for the BNP members to tell the one eyed cunt to foot the bill himself. Why should they have to pay for his personal vendettas. Rait could have had full glossy leaflets with the money this shithead has wasted.

Anonymous said...

I heard Griffin won't continue, he got what he wanted, he wanted them out!

Anonymous said...

Lets face it Griffin has won.

When's the last time you heard about sadie.

She has ben outed and is a spent force - her bunch of deluded dummies are finished.

The Leader continues to move forward, as it should be.

Saddo sadie was state.

Anonymous said...

"Saddo sadie was state."

No she wasn't, and isn't.

There is a new term in nationalism known as the 'Griffin Effect'. Anyone Griffin dislikes is branded a red, a liar, a paedophile, a thief, and sundry other bullshit titles, but the most destructive thing about the 'Griffin Effect' is it drives decent people from nationalism never to be heard of again.

Now, run off to your master, and remember, you too will one day be a red, a liar, a paedophile, a thief, and, should we believe it when it happens?

Anonymous said...

"Now, run off to your master, and remember, you too will one day be a red, a liar, a paedophile, a thief, and, should we believe it when it happens?"

Good riposte to this Griffin sycophant!

Everything you say is absolutely correct.

Those who follow Griffin blindly without questioning will one day, sooner or later, either find their blind faith dashed on the rocks when he shits on the BNP and its members big time, or find their own selves thrown on the 'Red scrapheap' after being stabbed in the back and accosted as 'traitors' 'Reds', theives, 'State', 'paedophile', 'liars' or wahtever filth Griffin wishes to throw at them = merely for questioning Griffin or having their own mind.


Anonymous said...

Won't be long until it's the rebels who are taking Griffin and the BNP to court ;o)

Anonymous said...

Sadie Graham and the other
defendants sued by Griffin should ask for their own costs to be paid by the Nick Griffin.

Griffin would then have to pay ALL the costs.

Then, any member of the BNP can ask the court to prevent Griffin using BNP funds to pay these costs.

The grounds for this are clear. Griffin has used this case for his personal benefit and not for the benefit of the BNP. This can be shown by his failure to pay his own solicitors etc, thereby effectively withdrawing from the suit and admitting he was wrong.

Any member of the BNP can do this. It will cost to bring such an action, but think of the result? Possibly a lot of publicity...which Griffin will not be able to prevent reaching the ears of all the BNP members...about how Griffin uses the BNP funds for his own benefit.

I wonder what else could be dragged in as evidence?

It would be just too good a story for every single journalist in the UK to ignore. It would be bound to get out.

All the best...Bill Jax

Anonymous said...

'The Leader continues to move forward'.

He certainly does. But in what direction and to whose benefit?

Final Conflict said...

If "Saddoe Sadie was State" doesn't it speak volumes that she and her chums held such high office in the BNP?

What of other BNP wallahs [Darby? LeBomber?] - are their high office no longer guarantees they are not state?

And if Sadie wasn't state, this bluster looks bad - i.e. that BNPers are accusing her of this.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...