Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Final Stand

Word is reaching us of an independent nationalist grouping set to stand against Griffin and Darby in the European Elections next year. We hear that there are already 17 signed up to stand against Griffin and 5 against Darby, all of them ex BNP members.

Do Griffin and Darby deserve a seat aboard the Euro gravy train?

Such a group would smash any chances these two vile pretenders would have.

More news as we get it.


Anonymous said...

No it wouldn't.

It would go the same way as the 'Democratic Nationalists' of Bradford.

They should save their money!

Anonymous said...


I think that wherever Griffin and Darby stand, decent Nationalists should stand against them and at the same time help good BNP candidates get elected in other regions at the Euro's

Anonymous said...

"It would go the same way as the 'Democratic Nationalists' of Bradford.

They should save their money!"


All they'd have to do is work small areas in Griffins region to take the vote away from him completely. They wouldn't win, but the point is to ensure Griffin loses, and he would.

Anonymous said...

Ok if they stand just against those two and not the rest! Its ok to damage, but not the BNP and allow them to take the party down with them. Why the need for so many candidates there only needs to be one main challenger>

Anonymous said...

"Why the need for so many candidates there only needs to be one main challenger>"

How could one main challenger take votes from Griffin? If Griffin stands in the Euros against 7 other candidates from different parties plus 17 nationalists who have secured the their votes in small areas, Griffin would get fuck all. Same goes for Darby

Anonymous said...

Whose paying for this???

You sad tossers

Purging the Cyclops said...

i hope they do - the Euro gravy train is all the MI5 hirelings and Masonic errand boys want.

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Whose paying for this???

You sad tossers

30 June 2008 21:10"

We understand that each individual will bare the costs themselves. And, if Griffin won't allow fair and democratic challlenges, and intends to change the rules so he can never be challenged again, why shouldn't people go after him via the only route available?

I wish them luck. Griffin doesn't deserve a £million and a free train ride after what he's done to people over the years.

What goes around, comes around. Let a worthy BNP member have the chance at Europe instead.

Anonymous said...

Are you people behind this blog about Pete (Sid) Williamson:

NorthWestNationalists said...

No we are not involved in it.

Why anyone would waste any time at all on that fat nincompoop beggars belief.

It's obviously someone he has really pissed off.

You could try asking the Oldham BNP member he pulled a knife on, a couple of years back

yorkie said...

They should dfinitely save their money!

It is unlikely that any BNP candidates will be successful, anyway, and the deposit for an independent candidate or a party list is £5,000 a time.

Gri££in will probably spend over £500,000 of nationalists' money in trying to get elected. I have no more time for him than most people, but why compound that by spending tens of thousands more in trying to stop him?

Anonymous said...

Well, if people don't have the money they can organise demo's to demand only HONEST candidates should represent nationalism, and hand out the Griffin File to the public in Griffin and Darby's regions

griffin-must-go-now said...

Every effort must be made by all decent natioanlists of any party to deprive Griffin and Darby of their seats in Europe. Only one or two person(s) is needed per region because the voting is done on a PR basis with the votes going to the parties standing, not the candidates themselves. A few thousand votes for an independent nationalist will deprive those batards a kings ransom in wages which is all what Griffin wants. He is not likely to stand in North West Region after all. The power base is moving south, watch him try for West Mids or East Mids. The individuals planning to stand as independents need to start working their patches now. Get known, get talked about, get mentioned in local papers as much as possible. Finish Griffin's dream off in 2009 and watch that miserable one-eyed c4nt disappear up his own arse.

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