Friday, April 04, 2008

The Vogue Cover: a Jewish Expression of anti-White Hatred
Vogue magazine is the premier publication of American fashion and is considered by most people in the fashion industry as the standard for the whole European World.
The Problem for us is that Vogue is not owned by Europeans or those who identify with European heritage as such. It is owned by extremist Jews who consider themselves as a people that did not come from Europe and see themselves in conflict and competition with the European people.
The S.I. Newhouse family owns Vogue as part of its magazine, newspaper and broadcasting empire. It is one of the largest media empires in the United States and across the world. A quick survey of Jewish mainstream literature reveals its deep antipathy for the European people.
Whether one delves in the Jewish Encyclopedia or simply dabbles in the deluge of Holocaust material churned out by the many media outlets of the Newhouse empire, one finds that Jewish resentment against Gentiles is ubiquitous, intense and deep-seated.There seem to be an inexhaustible supply of articles, movies, documentaries, books, plays, remembrances and other vehicles that chronicle historical Gentile anti-Semitism. In recent decades many Jewish writers and Jewish-owned publishing houses have gone out of their way to blame the Holocaust not simply on German National Socialists but on all Europeans, and they even go so far as to blame the American people for not doing enough to “prevent” the Holocaust.
Thousands of other Jewish books and articles blame the Holocaust on collective, inherent European evil or even on Christianity because the Gospels have numerous “anti-Semitic” passages.
Millions of Jews are raised with a chronic recital of Gentile evil and anti-Semitism. Of course, the media never exposes the viciously racist, anti-Gentile character of the Jewish supremacist Talmud.
In his article for The Jewish Quarterly, Prof. Nathan Abrams boasts how Jews have been the driving force behind the mainstreaming of hardcore pornography in America, and he quotes porn moguls boasting of their “atavistic hatred” of Gentiles as a motivation in promoting what they themselves recognize as defilement and degradation of Gentiles.
If anti-Gentilism can motivate Jews to promote Gentile defilement with hardcore pornography, one does not have to look far to spot other forms of Jewish revenge against the White Christians.
In much Jewish literature, there is both fear, fascination and even jealousy of the fair European aesthetic. One can point for example to Phillip Roth’s book detailing strange combination of Jewish self-loathing combined with a malevolent misanthropy directed against European men and women, Portnoy’s Complaint.
The cover of Newhouse’s Vogue April 2008 is simply a expression of Jewish latent hostility to our people. Basketball star Lebron James is shown clutching the blond, Brazilian (actually German) supermodel Gisele Bündchen in a pose that appears he is shouting in victory.
It is a not so subtle image that he has command over the most beautiful White woman in the world. And, of course, the supermodel is posed to appear that she really enjoys being in his clutches.
The cover is a clear message from the top fashion magazine in the world, one read by millions of White women, that having a Black sex partner is the most fashionable, coolest thing there is. It is also a direct affront to every White man, with the depiction of a Black male shouting his capture of the White woman on the cover of the world’s leading magazine for women.For 37,460 White women raped or sexually abused by Black males in 2005 (U.S. Justice Dept. Data), the picture represents not a Jewish magazines dream of fashion but a reminder of terrible brutalization and defilement. (For those who still don’t know it, the same Justice Dept. Data shows less than 10 Black women raped by White men in 2005)
Ironically, because of the truly animalistic appearance of Lebron next to an aesthetic, angel-like Gisele, some leftists complained that the cover was reminiscent of the old King Kong Movie posters. Not really, for White women never had to worry about being raped by a fictional King Kong, but in modern America they must be concerned about Black rape, for it is an ever present danger in our sick society..
Just like movies such as Stanley Kramer’s Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner, and Rick Rosenthal’s new film, Greta, (both promoting White women with Blacks and both produced by Jewish activists) Vogue and a thousand other Jewish publications are incessantly working for the intermarriage and dissolution of our people.
All this is at the same time that every major Jewish organization around the world has programs to prevent Jewish intermarriage with Gentiles.
And while Jewish extremists promote race-mixing for Blacks and Whites, Israel does not even allow a legal marriage between a Jew and and a non-Jew. –David Duke

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