Saturday, April 26, 2008

Griffin has given London on a plate to Livingstone!
Yet another of his idiotic stunts has back fired.
In calling for BNP members and supporters to give their second preference vote in the London Mayoral election to Tory, Boris Johnson, Griffin has wound up the Muslims and it's not a joke!
Here quoted from an article in the London Evening Standard dated 16th April :

"Nearly half a million London Muslim voters are being urged to support Ken Livingstone against Boris Johnson in the closing stages of the mayoral election, a year long strategy to mobilise the Muslim vote moves into overdrive this week, accompanied by a campaign of vilification aimed at Boris. Ken's Muslim supporters have made much of the fact that the British National Party urged its members to make Mr Johnson their second preference vote. Boris has rejected BNP support but Muslim groups argue that it proves he is the enemy and are now running a newspaper ad campaign against him, their campaigners are canvassing door-to-door and are targeting 60 key mosques in the capital with this message."

Of course, as well as Muslims voting for the Communist Livingstone 'en masse' against the Tory candidate, this will increase the voter turn out considerably, thus making it more difficult for Richard Barnbrook to win a seat on the London Assembly, as he will need a much higher percentage to break through the 5% barrier. Griffin has shot himself in the foot by making this foolish and irresponsible statement. Incredibly he even admitted publicly, recently, that he didn't really want BNP members voting Tory, but that the whole thing was just a publicity stunt!
This is not the first time a stupid public school boy stunt has back fired on Griffin. Do you remember when he first took over leadership of our party and printed leaflets critical of the Metropolitan police force, who then successfully sued the party in court. We never did hear the final sum, but at least £11,000 was paid out .
Now as well as helping Red Ken win a third term, we could lose out on the 1st May.
Please find the Muslim's ad attached, it was printed in one of the free newspapers given out all over London last week.
NWN: From our London Correspondent.


tonydj said...

Would the Muslims have voted for Johnson in the first place? Surely Livingstone was always their first choice? Barring a possible RESPECT intervention.

Finally, let's be radical. it may be a good thing for Red Ken to be known as the openly Muslim choice.

Anonymous said...

Griffin and Darby have selected morons and crooks to stand as usual. All done on purpose to appease special branch and to advance those shit arse words...LIBERAL DEMOCRACY

Anonymous said...


It's a good way to both discredit Johnson in the eyes of the Centre/Right and to help mobilise the Left/Muslim vote.

Anonymous said...

Another cock up by a prick or as V.T. said a pipsqueak.
Ask yourself the membership as to how much longer can you/they allow this idiot cardboard cut out excuse for a leader to remain in power. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED MANY TIMES BEFORE ABOUT HIM NOW DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT WHEN THE LEADERSHIP ELECTIONS COMES AROUND.
Do not tell yourself its boxing clever there is nothing clever about playing the enemy game and shooting the BNP in the foot.


Richard Chadfield said...

I keep saying this but the message only gets home if constantly repeated. So I am going to repeat the message again.
We have to assume that the BNP leadership is either in the pay of the state or so incompetent that the state regards it to be in it's ,the states, advantage that the current BNP leadership remains in place. Here ,again, are some of the reasons for the above assumption.
1) The BNP intercepts Sadie Grahams telephone conversations. This is an offence carrying a possible two year prison sentence. What do the police do?????
2)The BNP broadcast the intercepted messages on their own BNP website. This is an offence carrying a possible two year prison sentence. What do the police do????
3)The BNP enter and remove goods from Sadie Grahams home in her absence and without her permission.This is theft. What do the police do?????
And we all thought that the state wanted the BNP leadership 'banged up'. Looks like we were wrong dos'nt it? Take another look at the Leeds trial. Contrast the charges and verdicts with ,say, Kevin Hughes trial. Once again did the state really want the BNP leadership 'banged up' or was it all about something else?
4) The national media,which we all believed was anti BNP, could have made a field day out of the above but have chosen to not report these matters. Why?
5)The BNP is repeatedly decapitated. Menbers of ability who could advance our party are repeatedly expelled or forced out.What should we conclude from this?
My conclusion. The BNP under it's current leadership has become a state controlled safty valve.
Richard Chadfield (working for British Nationalism for thirty years)

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 100%, Richard, but the reason Griffin decapitates the able, is because the morons don't see it.

I suggest all people should be donating to the rebels, and insisting they put, Martin Reynolds, on the stand. If the state allow Griffin to win again, there must be a formation of a new party, or a revitalising of the NF.

Soupermann said...

Treat yourself to a laugh!

Anonymous said...

Griffin and his chums are in a difficult position.

On the one hand they have to show the BNP moving forward - another powerless councillor here and there and so on.

On the other hand it's vital the BNP should not attract and keep the sort of people who could move it forward to a new level. They would inevitably want to replace Griffin and co. That would terrify those in power and terrify Griffin.

As long as it's powerless he is serving the purposes of the atate and he can earn a nice living out of it. Fail to perform as required and the state can use all manner of means to cripple rather than nobble the BNP as at present.

It's a tightrope. And it appears that most of the members can't work all that out. They still think that a few councillors or maybe a powerless London Assembly member will change the policies of the big parties.

Only unexpected events can shift the nationalist log jam.

Anonymous said...

The NATIONAL FRONT will never allow us racial nationalists into the party in order to begin any process of revitalizing it ,and as to starting another party who ever thinks that this is a viable alternative is being really stupid because we do not have the time to build an alternative to NG'S BNP our only hope in my humble opinion is a coalition of nationalist parties to appose the BNP by uniting at election times and to stand candidates under the banner of the NATIONALISM UNITED OR SOME SUCH TITLE.
I invite comments please but not comments about starting another nationalist party

At this time the only opposition is from the NATIONAL FRONT and the have not yet won a council seat any were but I wish them well and hope they can win eventually.
keith axon
Founder member of the BNP.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Any truth in this Barnbrook thing anyone ?

Anonymous said...

That's another possible threat to Griffin now gone then ?

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