Saturday, April 19, 2008

Chris Jackson standing in Todmorden
Todmorden is a strange place. It has a Lancashire postmark and a Yorkshire Fire Brigade.
Nationalist hero Chris Jackson is fighting his home town yet again, for the umpteenth time. Each time his percentage goes up.
NWN must apologise, as we never reported Chris's election challenge in Todmorden. We said North West, which usually means Lancashire .
NWN wishes all our North West nationalist candidates well in the elections on May 1st. Be they BNP, EFP or Independent. If we can help, please let us know.


Anonymous said...

Good luck to Chris Jackson, if anyone deserves a victory Chris does!
Look out for a shock result in the Rochdale Ward of Norden, Peter Greenwood is a very popular and well known person in the ward, He also has the suport of the Parachute Regimental Association, god help the reds if they try to disrupt Petes Campaign as the ex paras are going to be helping Peter leafleting.

Anonymous said...

all the best Chris, hope you do well.

Peter Pilling

Anonymous said...

Voice of Change are also supportive of all North West nationalist candidates - they have a printing service running for anyone who needs last minute leaflets, delivery service included.Very competitive prices, rapid turnaround time, funds to VOC legal defense.
Contact for details

Richard Chadfield

NorthWestNationalists said...

Many thanks Richard !

Anonymous said...

As for the Norden election - these brave paratroopers helping would be from the same regiment who helped free Europe from National Socialism (AKA Nazism) in WW2. If any of them are helping Peter Greenwood in the election they should be ashamed and drummed out of the association.

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