Friday, April 18, 2008

Griffins Bootboys - The CUNTs Group !

Here are Griffins bootboys - the CUNTs group !
Vote Griffin BNP : vote for these specimens !
The top pic is Griffins main supporter on SFUK and convicted footie hooligan (well years ago he was) Dave Howard. He is 'Yorkshire Loyalist' on Stormfront UK. Major poster on VNN.
Why is he masked up ?
Does he still drive buses, or as most say, he is unemployed ?
Second pic is Pete 'SID' Williamson from Scunthorpe, Wigan and Manchester. Take your pick. He has told me all three places for his birth. Williamson is SGIC on SFUK.

Williamson lives in a £220,000 home near Brighton. How do you manage that on the dole ? He is a self admitted alcoholic.
Finally, we have Tommy Williams/Shove the dove on SFUK. Williams has convictions for drugs and probably for beating up women. Williams like the other two are criminal thugs and bullies. He works in a cats' home and like Howard lives in Sheffield. Williams also appeared as a musician at a Rock against racism concert in Sheffield in the 1980's.
Williams appears to have no family. He has no father that is for sure.
This group arrived on SFUK recently en masse from the obscene VNN board. They are on SFUK now 24/7.
This group were involved in the getting rid of Jonathan Bowden from the BNP. They accused him of being a paedophile.
Bowden was seen as a challenger to Nick Griffin, hence these Griffin's paid thugs started their obscene filth.
All of them love drugs. All are middle-aged and should know better.
Now they aim against NWN.


Anonymous said...

Jonathan Bowden is an articulate person.

These just look like thugs.

The BNP need more Bowdens and less of these knuckle draggers.

Anonymous said...

Fine gentlemen all !

Hic !

Anonymous said...

Fuck me! Look at the state of them to the price of fish and chips. Who the bloody hell would vote for that rough looking shower of shite?

One thing, is for sure. The anti fash could never call them white supremacists. Real white supremacists would execute the scum.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams and Peter Williamson work for Special Branch.

Anonymous said...

Nah, Williams and Williamson both changed when Griffin met them.

Just why did Griffin pick them out ?

That is the question.

Griffin actually went to Brighton to meet Williamson. OK 'SID' was a VNN mod then.

Between them they have destroyed VNN.

Say's it all really doesn't it ?

Anonymous said...

Sid thinks he is 'Blade'

tyke said...

Morrison ?

As long as he has an hole in his arse he will be no good.

He sold out Tony White and Tony Foy to the cops.

Anonymous said...

Do these support Nick Griffin ?

Anonymous said...

How come LUAF do not use this stuff ?

Anonymous said...

Who asked No 5 to be a mod ?

It was a stunt to help Griffin IMHO.

Anonymous said...

your hurting griffin then nwn.

Barnsley bitter said...

Howard lives off his wife.

On Ilkley moor baht 'at ! said...

Number 5 is pissed off due to him being the centre of this issue. He cannot stand the heat and turmoil.

He is not the one being slagged off, but oh how he winges.

If I were you NWN, I would give him short shrift. I wouldn't trust him at all.

On Ilkley moor baht 'at ! said...

Bloody hell look at Dave Howards hair !

Anonymous said...

Dave Howard has joined the Tony Lecomber school for bald blokes.

Nick Griffin insists that if they wholeheartedly support him, they have to be bald.

Go bald for Griffin !

Anonymous said...

Bloody hell look at Dave Howards hair !

Ha ha !

kojak said...

Bald Dave Howard is still using SFUK to advance his views.

Does his wife know he is bald ?

Anonymous said...

Number 5 still refuses to admonish the CUNT twosome of 'baldie' Howard and Williams.

Why ?

Does Griffin still have a major pull on SFUK ?

Anonymous said...

@ kojak

baldie Howard is always at his computer.

Anonymous said...

Howard get your hair cut !

jack from Rochdale said...

Number 5 has not got your seniority within the nationalist movement NWN.

Jack from Rochdale. currently in California,USA.

Anonymous said...

When Dave Howard goes to the barbers. What does he ask for ?

true BNP said...

Ha ha !

Baldie Howard .

Still you can save a fortune from haircuts.

tommy williams said...

Fancy masking your face with an head like that.

Ha ha ha !

Man on Clapham Omnibus said...

Between the Nick Griffin CUNTs; Howard, Williams and Williamson.

Just how many criminal convictions have they got between them ?

ES said...

screw you !

Anonymous said...

Stop talking about Dave Howards hair !

OK . The lack of Dave Howards hair.

Ha ha ha !

Have you seen Dave Howards bald head ?


Dave Howards mum said...

No-one normal has hair like that picture of Howard.

Anonymous said...

Oh me poor heart! Oh me poor eyes!
NWN - why do you keep putting up pics of these three together. It is difficult enough to look at them individually - but three in a row?!

Howard looks the part of a petty criminal. Hiding his face away. Tommy is a bully. Sid is a child who has never grown up and still likes to play make belief.

truly these are genetic losses to the white race. They are natures little tricks - the genes to look white on the outside, but the genes to behave like animals. They are the products of broken homes, mothers selling their bodies to feed a crack addiction, growing up unloved and damaged. thats the only way one can explain it.

Anonymous said...

On Ilkley moor baht 'at ! said...
"Bloody hell look at Dave Howards hair !"

The top of his head looks like he had the Union Jack painted on it but used paints that were not washable. The flag design seems to be showing through still. Hahahahaha
The Oldham Pisstaker

Anonymous said...

Sid is a coward.
When Quinn was the N9S fuhrer and had some backing Sid was very polite to him, bordering on being sycophantic. Then when Quinn f'ked up and is down and lacking friends and muscle Sid piles on, the brave man that he is and kicks a man who is down.
Similarly he was nice to Sharon when she was in the BNP - now that she is down the brave big fat incontinent heaps abuse on a woman.

I think Sid was rejected by his mother (would you blame her?). People who lack maternal approval seek to gain acceptance in other ways. It can be to run in a gang of footie hooligans, the brotherhood of alcoholism, the shared ostracisation of belonging to extreme ideologies. It is all an attempt to gain acceptance that would replicate and replace the longed for maternal affection. Sadly it never ever is an acceptable substitute and people like that go on to deeper problems of alcoholism and more extreme positions in the hope to get this ersatz maternal approval.

When you think of it it is sad. Clearly the lack of maternal love has had an affect on Sid's development. It is usual that children who lack this fail to develop urinary continence. It is a shout for attention but also a marker of abnormal emotional development. In fact you could say that the witholding of maternal affection is a type of child abuse. So in the end Sid is just an abused child grown very fat. His stupidity is arrested development. I wouldn't be surprised if there was some time in care involved as well as sexual abuse. He probably liked the abuse as it brought him emotionally close to the perpetrator while at the same time caused feelings of revulsion. This being his first sexual experience it must leave him deeply ambiguous about his sexuality. Attracted to gays but hating them.

Thats the only way to explain it really. Sid was a rejected child, sexual abused by a man. Most people like Sid are in prison by the age of 30 so being a leader of party, even if it just the bpp, should count as an achievement for him.

I have got to stop now - thinking of the child in Sid that is crying out for his mother's love beings a tear to my eye.

Anonymous said...

Sid and Eddys little meeting (they had all of 15 there!) was well and truely rumbled on Saturday. When the 10 (yes it was only ten not 20 or 25 as the BPP now claim) Reds attacked the BPP grouplet you should have seen fat boy Sid run! He left a young NF lad on the ground to save himself. What a cunt he is. Next time in Brighton he won't be so lucky.

Long Live Death said...

Sid run - you should have seen ex C18 wanker Eddy Stampton go - he ran away so fast when the reds streamed um he got hit by a car as he went in the road. The NF guys were getting battered by the reds but Stampton and fat boy Sid just legged it and left them.

Anonymous said...

Tommy Williams secret stash of filth

Here is Clubfoot’s secret stash of filth, which even includes animal porn. What a fucking freak! This account was set up in 2006 so he cant say we have just set up to try and frame him. I no its his account as he used one of the pictures (the kitten one) as a avatar when he was a mod at C18 forum (posting as Sniper69).

Odinsgal had better keep her pets well clear of this pervert. Lulz

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