Monday, April 14, 2008

BPP trying to hijack JohnTyndall's name

We noted this from a recent bulletin of theirs:

The British People?s Party will be hosting the OFFICIAL John Tyndall Memorial Meeting in the Brighton/Hove area on Saturday July 13th. Special guest speakers! This meeting is not to be missed. Buffet and all literature stalls - raffle, etc. - more details in later Nationalist Weeks and BPP Members' Bulletin."

We hear that Mrs.Valerie Tyndall strongly dislikes the BPP, and will be livid about them using JT's name. Calling it an 'Official' John Tyndall meeting is bloody cheek. How is it in anyway an 'Official John Tyndall meeting' ?


Anonymous said...

Absolutely true. Valerie Tyndall, is absolutely distraught that these disgusting creatures dare to host an event in her dead husbands name. John Tyndall would be ashamed to be associated with foul mouthed drunks, and liars like Peter Williamson. How dare he. If this goes ahead we'll take an army down there, and hang the dirty lying bastard out to dry.

People who have become members of the BPP must be insane. How the hell can they hold their heads up and proclaim to belong to such schemeing lying filth!

Anonymous said...

JT would be appalled at his name and legacy being associated with the bpp. Everybody knows the bpp is the cesspit of nationalism - collecting those turds that sink lowest and cling to the bottom. It is full of alcoholics and people who beleive politics is about threat and intimidation.

What has Pisspants Sid ever done for nationalism? Barker has done a lot more and is a major player IMHO. Sid's contribution has been to stay sober enough to chair an odd meeting - without reading his script from a paper. Well blow me! thats an achievement. NWN is a true nationalist - not that arsewipe from Saltdean.

Saltdean Sofasoaker said...

I hope Sid's wife isn't doing the buffet.

Kebabs are not a good source of nationalist food.

Anonymous said...
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ES said...

As long as anyone other than `Ricky` the con-man Fawcus organises it who cares?

Anonymous said...

"I think alot of the decisions on who holds the Official John Tyndall memorial meeting, will be up to Richard Edmonds who has the closest contact with Valerie Tyndall and was JT's closest comrade.

But it is worth noting that Sid drove Valerie from Hove to the last JT memorial meeting and that the last meeting JT spoke at was in Brighton and he shared a top table with Sid!!!

14 April 2008 08:58"

SID/Peter Williamson has changed a lot since then. He's become an embarrassment to nationalism, and staging this event without Valeries permission, is a big no no.

This bunch of drunks are trading off Tyndalls name. They should be ashamed, and any money they raised would go into their own pockets like the very sizeable donation given to Morrison that he pissed up the wall. No wonder they now align themselves with Griffin. A den of thieves, and parasites.

Anonymous said...

"ES said...
As long as anyone other than `Ricky` the con-man Fawcus organises it who cares?

14 April 2008 11:24"

Hello Eddy, how is Charlie boy? Still waiting for him to come out of the nick so you can all carve some nationalists up? SCUM

NorthWestNationalists said...

BPP change their mind.

Eddy Morrison has now probably sobered up.

Morrison might also note, that I also have e-mails slagging off Morrison and stating Morrison was creaming then pocketing monies for SPEARHEAD etc off JT.

I won't mention what JT thought of Morrisons renowned 'alcoholic benders' which has affected poor Eddys health now.

Here is the change of plan by Morrison.

Monday, 14 April 2008
Monday 14th April 2008 JT Memorial Meeting Brighton 13th July 2008
There seems to be some confusion that the BPP is holding the only JT memorial meeting this year. I have just been informed that here will be the usual annual JT Memorial Meeting in South Mids/Home Counties around the same time. We have been asked in fairness to point this out. It in no way conflicts with our own meeting which is now designated "BPP Memorial Meeting to the memory of John Tyndall". We have every right to hold such a meeting as does any other party which follows JT's general White Nationalist political line.

I did not know that another meeting was to be held this year but apparently it will be an annual event as before - just the same our own meeting will go ahead on the 13th of July as the "BPP Memorial Meeting to the memory of John Tyndall".

The BPP hopes this clarifies the situation....

Anonymous said...

Morrison on his blog says this is all lies on here!

I have read it all twice here, and there, and cannot see any lies on here.

I would suggest that Morrison and Williamson wanted to pull a fast one here.

Seems NWN found them out !

ES said...
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NorthWestNationalists said...

Where do these idiots spring from ?

Anonymous said...

I am not surprised that the alcoholics rehabilitation programme (ineffective) that is the bpp is trying to shine in the reflected glory of JT. I am not surprised that the only way they hope to gain some prestige is by hijacking a good man's name.

Eddy is a pisshead. In no walk of life would an alcoholic find any success. Yet he is a big man in the bpp. Then there is Sid. Alcoholic, incontinent, puker. To think that this is what JT's legacy is. Go for it NWN - save the great man's memory for the rest of us nationalists. Keep me in the loop. I am not far from B&H and well capable of knocking a few heads. In fact it would be my pleasure if one of them were that bus driver from up north - the endlessly loud mouthed Dave!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Scum is something I am an authority on but most of what I have seen in 30 years of street nationalism was of the left wing type of politics as named ANL/SWP.IS etc.
But since the 1998 0nwards and I can only speak of my own predicament in Birmingham with the scum and primadonas and betrayers who sort the attention of the griffin who came bringing gifts of positions and deputy chair AND PAID POSITIONS I will not mention any name but people know who I am talking about.
If that was not bad enough a new breed of nationalist scum has reared there ugly heads who know nothing about racial nationalism and know neither honor nor loyalty.
LOW LIFE but they use the power of the pen to destroy the movement that has taken 40 years of peoples lifetime to build and will gladly destroy all who speak out against the betrayal of the cause of nationalism and its history.
The new breed dare I say breed it should be low life of the sewers and the gutter and one person come to mind and we all know who it is on the south coast I mean S.S.S P.P.W.


And now he thinks he and his crew can hijack the name of JOHN TYNDALL by calling a JT MEMORIAL MEETING for about 15 people in Brighton to be held on July the 13th the cheek of this cretin is believable.


He p.p.s.s.s.sw.or is it p.w is living on borrowed time and will need to look over his shoulder every time he steps from the shadows into the light of day because this light will go out just as griffins lights will soon go out, what ye shall sow ye shall reap.
Keyser soze.

Duncan Money said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"Compare your progress with that achieved by the BNP. Enough said you sad bunch of drunks and tossers.

14 April 2008 21:42"

Wake us up when you have a 10th of the councillors in Britain. That's around 2,030.

Its taken the BNP 28yrs to get less than 50 you dozy twat, and it can't even hang on to them!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Duncan Money ?

Who the hell is he ?

I think this thread needs editing and sorting out.

William Joyce said...

Surely you must have heard of Duncan Money!!! He may only be 19 years old and lives in one of the places most untouched by immigration- Maryport on the coast, son of a doctor- has never wanted for anything in his life, but thinks he is the authority on everything.

So what if the BPP are holding a JT memorial meeting?? As far as I am aware he is not a private company name like Coca Cola, where you can be sued for using his name.

Anonymous said...

"So what if the BPP are holding a JT memorial meeting?? As far as I am aware he is not a private company name like Coca Cola, where you can be sued for using his name.

15 April 2008 08:42"

Very true, but would you want your name attached to a bunch of braindead drunks?

Stuart the Bol said...

The BPP are a f###ing joke - pardon my French. "Hardline" - yet supporting Griffin's kosher multi-culti balls. "Unionist" yet taken in - again - by the shyster Mark Chi Chi Cotterill.

They are a disgrace and a bunch of retards wasting everyone's time. Most went from one state honeytrap [C18] and set up what looks like another.

The BPP bcm box is the same one [that is/was] used by C18.

Time for nationalists to grow up and give all the clowns - kosher tories or drunken pratts - the cold shoulder.

Otherwise nationalism will get nowhere and WILL DESERVE to get nowhere!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...