Thursday, April 10, 2008

Boy hurt in race attack - Rochdale

RACIST thugs beat an Asian schoolboy unconscious, leaving him with a broken arm.

Two white youths repeatedly punched and kicked the 15-year-old as he was walking home from school through Falinge Park in Rochdale.They chased their victim but he stumbled and they attacked at 4pm on Tuesday.

The boy was taken to Rochdale Infirmary and is now thought to be making a good recovery.
Detectives, who believe the incident was racially motivated, have appealed to the public for information about the incident and say victim could have suffered "serious damage" in the attack.
Extra police patrols are being mounted in Falinge Park to re-assure residents.

NWN: As soon as I saw this story I knew 'what sort' of race attack it was. Falinge Park has been a 'no go' area for young whites for a few years. A nephew of mine was attacked there a couple of years back and told "This is an Asian park. Whites not welcome here !"

Rochdale Police being as corrupt as any in the UK will go clucking around in force ,ready to pounce on any poor unsuspecting white teenagers.

The media is running wild with this one.But I have never heard about the whites who have been forced out of Falinge Park for years, getting any publicity. This is ethnic cleansing by Asians, but the Police and media do NOT want to know.

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NorthWestNationalists said...

This could actually CAUSE race trouble in Rochdale.

The Police and mass media will be to blame.

Maybe that is what the Police and media want to happen ?


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