Sunday, April 06, 2008

Long standing London activist writes to NWN........

Talking about Griffin he spoke at a fund-raising event in South London yesterday.

He told the crowd that he had paid £4,000 for a billboard hoarding advertisement in West London.

This seems very strange, which advertising company would ever have given JT permission to promote the BNP in the run up to an election?

He also told everybody that the BBC had telephoned the London BNP press spokesman and told him that we would be entitled to a party political broadcast in London even though we didn't fit the criteria (a party needs to contest all 14 GLA constituencies,) but because of the popular support we have in the opinion polls and among the public they have changed their minds.

Again this seem very strange. Apparently our London party political broadcast will be aired at 6.50pm on Monday 21st April (peak viewing time!)

Who's pulling the strings?


NorthWestNationalists said...

As long as it is an attack on Islam, the 'ruling elite' will allow it !

Anonymous said...


Let's just rerun that.

*The BBC encourages the BNP to take up a party political broadcast.

*A billboard company accepts an advert from the BNP.

Is any other proof required that the BNP is run by the government?

sonja said...

Let me speak for nationalism .

Anonymous said...

Do we know anything about John Walker, his background, where he came from politically etc? He has always been a bit of a mystery to long term Nationalists. Look at the easy ride the BBC gave him on the recent file on four investigation into the parties finances.

Richard Chadfield said...

Yes, there is in my mind no doubt that the BNP is state controlled. Here are just a few indicators of why I belive the BNP is state controlled.

A) Griffin and Collet get off with their trial at Leeds. Contrast their aquital with the convictions of Kevin Hughs and a host of others.

B) Why was the Griffin/Collet trial held in Leeds when the alledged offence was committed in Lancashire? Why was Yorkshire police involved when the alledged offence took place in Lancashire? Was the state really after Griffin and Collet or was the state really after John Tyndal?

C)On Wednesday December 12th 2007 Nick Griffin attended a meeting of North West members at Charles Mather's home outside Wigan. At that meeting N.G assured everyone that he had spoken to the police regarding the interception of Sadie Grahams communications, the entry of BNP security into her home and the removal of goods from her home and had received assurances from the police that they would take no action in the matter. Incredible because the interception of messages can carry a two year prison sentence. Broadcasting intercepted messages is also illegal carrying a possible prison sentence. The BNP posted a transcript of sadie Graham's intercepted messages on the BNP website.

D) Sadie Graham has stated to me that the police will not pursue the matter and are now refusing to answer her telephone calls. Why?

E)The Media know about the BNP's internal troubles but have made little (if any) comment. Why? Mass media coverage would do great harm to the BNP. Is that not what the media want? Who does their silence help? Not Sadie Grham and co.

F) Labour MPs know about the BNP's internal troubles. The Labour MP for Barking and Dagenham briefly spoke on the BNP's internal problems but then (as far as I am aware) fell silent. Why? Who benefits from the silence?

G)Since 1999 the BNP has been, as I see it, repeatedly decapitated. It's best and most promising leaders repeatedly forced out or expelled. This ensures that the BNP goes nowhere.

H) Why is the BNP leadership suing Sadie Graham and co for £50,000? My Answer: if they can bankupt Sadie Graham and co they will effectively negate their ability to participate in politics for ,I think, five years.

There is more but this will do for now.
We should remember that the state infiltrates every political party. It seeks ,indeed needs, to control everything. Why should BNP members think it strange that the state has infiltrated and now controls the BNP? Remember that the BNP has been infiltrated before. Back in the 1990's it's deputy Chairman turned out to be a state/leftist infiltrater. (also recall the German state infiltration of the NPD) What better way is there to control opposition than to put that opposition into an organisation that you (the state) control and then keep the opposion busy going nowhere but ,of course, allowing the opposition the luxury of believing that they are going somewhere.Hence a few election victories here and there, non of which amount to much,but they keep the members hopeful and that is what is important. Give the opposition hope and it will control its-self.
Richard Chadfield

Richard Chadfield said...

From the BNP website 6/4/2008.
surely, there can be no better example of a working class man, turned champagne socialist than, Michael, Martin. MP for Glasgow NE, and Mr Speaker of the House of Commons. How this duplicitous man has the front to go back to his constituency and pretend he is still a champion of the poor, is beyond explanation. He, and his wife Mary even use a ‘House of Commons’ credit card to entertain political friends - the tab is picked up by the taxpayer you see!
-----------------------------------I have heard that the BNP leadership use a 'BNP' credit card.If true the tab will be picked up by the BNP membership you see.
The BNP website has run articles on what it calls 'allowance gate'.The scandal ,and it is a real scandal, of MPs reportedly claiming unjustified expenses.But how many BNP members know how much expenses BNP leaders claim and take? And the BNP has transparent financial procedures!! MPs may be corrupt but at least their expenses are (for the moment) published. Are BNP leaderships expenses published?
Richard Chadfield

Anonymous said...

I agree 100%, Mr Chadfield. I've also pointed out to the anti fas, that they too are being used. If they weren't occupied on a party going nowhere, they'd be dangerous to the state in groups like ALF etc

The state controls everything, but, who is the state? I don't believe it's the government, because that too is controlled.

Anonymous said...

And now
" 16/1? That is great odds if the BNP only need 6% (so I read), they got 4% last time when UKIP were stronger and Labor were till semi popular. I wouldn't put my savings on it, but a months beer money? Too right!"
Fat pisspants is spending his dole money gambling. A months beer money? That sounds like a lot for Sid until you remember that he doesn't pay for his drink.
BPP members should be made aware that in addition to drinking and pissing their subscription money away Sid Pisspants is throwing it away gambling

Anonymous said...

It is not necessary even to refer to state control of the BNP or its money dealings to appreciate that it is a nobbled organisation.

A party which obtains a few council seats or even a seat on the pretty impotent London assembly has no power to change anything. Indeed, the obvious impotence of those elected merely helps to send a message that it's a waste of time voting BNP.

A party which has no prospect of getting beyond such a stage is a waste of time.

So what would be necessary for the BNP to become a real force? The answer is an increasing participation of capable people with skills and professional associations which gave it credibility as more than a protest vote.

It is perfectly obvious that, since 1999, the party's leadership has had no real wish for this. Such people will not adhere to a party run like the BNP for long. If they were doing so we would know by now from the face the BNP offers to the world.

Anonymous said...

I ask the question as to who was the deputy chair of the BNP in the 1990's that you refer to ,as their was kno such position so who are you refering to??.

keith axon.long time serving officer of the BNP in thee west midlands from the inception of the BNP in 1982 till 1998.
keith axon.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...