Wednesday, April 09, 2008

North West of England - May Local Elections

We are hearing news from all parts but not one source has all the news on this.
Which tells us how fragmented the North West has now become due to Nick Griffins medalling in the Region. Nick is the Regional Organiser don'tcha know ?
(There was a BNP meeting in Oldham recently where the meeting was chaired by a guy from Blackpool and the Regional Organiser /Party leader was from Welshpool !)
Just a few years ago, the BNP was making World headlines, and the North West was the 'top of the tree'.
Now the region is moribund and deflated.
Is Yorkshire affected the same, due to the marvellous leadership qualities of Mr.Gri££in ?
We are hearing though, that a few heroes are standing in the local elections and not just for the BNP (though there are pitifully few of those).
We hear that Wigan BNP is standing 7 candidates.
Rochdale is fighting just the one seat.
Oldham is only standing 2 candidates.
Please send in your details if you have a nationalist candidate in your area of the North West.


Anonymous said...


How is Sid doing today?

Do you think he has a future in the sign painting business?

Though his efforts are amateur, I see a latent talent waiting to be unleashed.

Honestly - I would be proud of such a sign - if my 7-year old came back from school with one. And more proud if he had done it despite suffering from an alcoholic tremor and terminal dementia.

Let's hear it for Sid.
Painter of embarassingly amateur political placards!

Sir Henry Morgan said...

You are right about Wigan - we are standing seven candidates. I put all the paperwork in personally last week (I'm election agent).

And we have a special - Steve McEllenborough from Liverpool: he's standing in his home ward in Liverpool on the residence qualification, and he's also standing in Wigan on the employment qualification. Good man.

I believe St Helens has got a few candidates too.

But like you say - there's no central source of info. I can't imagine Chris Jackson would have let that one slide, if he had been appointed regional organiser as we activists overwhelmingly wanted (I was at that meeting).

Anonymous said...

More suggestions for signs for the BPP.

Do you drink too much?
Join us and we'll prove you wrong.

Does your dole money not stretch to the post-pub kebab?
Join the BPP admin and enjoy a kebab everyday.

Do you wet your bed?
Join BPP for therapy from someone who knows how you feel.

Do you drink so much you throw up?
The BPP will help you understand the arcane mysteries of beer froth.

Are you a racial nationalist?
We are (because the nationalist political space is hogged by the BNP). Join us if all other parties have rejected you, or if you weren't planning on going anywhere anyway!

NorthWestNationalists said...

Well done Wigan !

Anonymous said...

Blackburn - 1 (down 4 from 2007)
Bolton - 2 (up 1)
Burnley - 10 (same)
Bury - don't know yet (8 in 2007)
Knowsley - 2 (same)
Lancaster - 0 (down 1)
Liverpool - 11 (up 2)
Manchester - 3 (up 1)
Oldham - 2 (down 2)
Pendle - 4 (down 2)
Preston - 0 (down 1)
Rochdale - 1 (same)
Salford - 6 (up 1)
Sefton - 6 (up 1)
Stockport - 6 (down 1)
Tameside - 8 (same)
Trafford - 1 (same)
Warrington - 2 (up 2)
Wigan - 7 (down 1)
Wirral - 2 (up 2)

Anonymous said...

1 standing in Bolton

Anonymous said...

EFP standing 2 in Oldham and 1 in Burnley.

Anonymous said...

Only 1 in Blackburn ?

Anonymous said...

On the candidates list you have missed 4 candidates standing in Rossendale and also you have 1 standing in Rochdale as the same as last year, Rochdale never stood any candidates last year it was the year before when Rochdale stood a candidate in Healey, this year Rochdale has an excellent candidate with a high profile amongst ex service men standing in Norden.

NorthWestNationalists said...

I hear that there is at least 1 Independent nationalist fighting in the Oldham area too.

Sir Henry Morgan said...

10 candidates in St. Helens.

chesterboy said...

Only 5 candidates (for 153 seats !) in the whole of Cheshire.

What's happened to Ralf Ellis from Cheshire - he was supposed to be doing great things three years ago. He even addressed a couple of meetings in other parts of NW saying how things should be done!

In Chester there are more English Democrats than BNP !!!!

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...