Tuesday, April 08, 2008


If ‘Great White Records’ was set up using £50,000 of BNP membership money, why isn’t that expenditure declared in the accounts?

If ‘Excalibur’ has relocated to John Walkers house in Carlisle, what has happened to the unit in Leeds that ‘Excalibur’ AND ‘Great White Records’ operated from?

Could it be that ‘GWR’ has been sold off, and the profits pocketed?

If, as has been declared by Welsh nationalists, Griffin, owns 130 Welsh acres, and Caravan Park, where are those acres and who has the £200 for a land search? Naturally they wouldn’t be in Griffins own name if they do exist.

Does anyone know?


Anonymous said...


Thats a lot of money and can buy a lot of beer and kebabs.

No wonder Griffin in Sid's idol. No wonder Sid bends ove backwards to be nice to the BNP. No wonder Sid wants in on the BNP moolah. He must know hat if he can learn the secret of stealing member's money and at the same time being considerd the saviour of his people he can look upon the BPP as a healty retirement fund.

Anonymous said...

"he can look upon the BPP as a healty retirement fund."

I'm pretty sure SID will be retiring next year when he's prison buddies get out and greet him :)

Anonymous said...

May be the money was used to go to Spain?

Big AL said...

Have the Feds given Gri££in an offer he can't refuse ?

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...