Sunday, February 03, 2008

"I would like to explain my reasons for not being organiser for the Wolverhampton BNP group anymore. I did not resign, I was stood down by West Midlands RO Simon Darby on Thursday 31st January. This was after he had asked me if I attended the Voice Of Change conference in Brinsley on January 27th . I of course told him that I had and that I fully supported what was proposed on the day.................."

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NorthWestNationalists said...

Oh no not another Griffin purge !

I bet there are some other BNP officials now sweating.

founder member said...

Well what a revelation Steve .you a another griffin supporter who would not listen to those who were telling you what you did not want to here,
Remember Andréa and myself not so long ago.
However, we are still beyond the pail are we not?
Keith axon

Anonymous said...

Stupid thick Dingle - you deserve to be sacked.

Anonymous said...

How is it possible to still be so stupid?

Is there a secret factory for these people, or what?

Anonymous said...

The Black Country area is a left mess ;(i mean a right mess)
Its like the 70s again!Mr Hill
The Black Country Labour Group are
very happy wiht their SEARCHLIGHT

Anonymous said...

"I can only ask them to look closely at what has gone on and think carefully about what they want for the future of this party. If things stay the same as they are then these whole events will happen all over again, with different people and for more or less the same reasons. "

I'll stand in line and wait for an apology, Steve.



Anonymous said...

I hear Griffin has a vast collection of Eddy Butlers emails and is preparing to sack him after May. Apparently they contain insults aimed at Griffin.

How did Griffin get Butlers emails?

Anonymous said...

Oh no not another Black Country purge ;-)
sweatings not the word ;-)
more like ;-)SNAKE in the GRASS!
I hear Labour (searchlight) have spent loads in the Black Country area ;-)
(a fool and his money)
anyone for a drink boys ;-)

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