Saturday, February 23, 2008

This was the size of the opposition to the National Front march in Lewisham 1977 and what greeted them when they came out of Achilles Street to Clifton Rise, Lewisham.

If the Police had allowed the many British nationalists that were turned back ,we would have had a march to contend with. As it happened just over 1,000 were on that NF march.

Many more than that were not allowed through. Only people from the tube got on the march.

And now Nick Griffin has got the media supporting him ?


rex said...

Yeh state supporting gri££in. Its obvious.

Anonymous said...

check out Dave Owen;

*Joe Blackham (L) 1022
Claire Taylor-Hatem (ComG) 610
David Owen (BNP) 552
Stephen Cox (C) 444
No change

Anonymous said...

Is he a bus driver ?

Anonymous said...

Is he also a friend of Tommy Williams of sheffield ?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear !

Anonymous said...

No, our 'CUNT' site owner standing in a local election? What would the public think, and what was Griffin thinking allowing him to stand?

Griffin, IS STATE

Anonymous said...

"If the Bnp under Griffin were state run, then searchlight would leave them alone."

SINCE WHEN DID THE SECRET SERVICES KNOW WHAT THE LEFT AND RIGHT HAND WERE DOING? How do you know the Searchlight are state, and not just a bunch of politicians and union leaders who hate anti-immigration parties? Don't look for bogeys under the bed, check the facts.

Anonymous said...

QUOTE If the Bnp under Griffin were state run, then searchlight would leave them alone. UNQUOTE

They do leave the BNP alone, that's the point. A little bit of nonsense in Searchlight is necessary to give him a bit of credibility.

Those of us who remember what it was like in the 1970's, who experienced the full power of the state machine, really know the difference.

But hey, Gri££in has made a point of forcing out those who know the difference, hasn't he?

Now why should he do that? Surely age and experience are valuable assets in politics?

But then, for someone who is CORRUPT and whose sepctacular CORRUPTION has laid him open to STATE CONTROL, those people would be a threat, wouldn't they?

Anonymous said...

Ha ha.

The Left themselves exposed Searchlight as an MI5 front years ago. Gable has been spying on both the Left and the Right for donkeys years.

Wake up and smell the coffee.

seventhvictim said...

If the state wanted to destroy Griffin they only need to investigate his tax returns. the fact that this hasn't been done is highly indicative that a strong faction within the state apparatus is happy with his leadership of the BNP.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Dave Owen has nothing to do with those pair of pillocks in Sheffield.

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