Friday, February 08, 2008

A Message for the Archbishop of Canterbury, his druidness hissing sid:Never mind Sharia Law - let's have some CHRISTIAN LAW!

The Established Church (CofE) has remained woefully inadequate or impotent in the face of rampant governmental humanistic, Masonic, atheistic, quasi-Marxist laws on matters such as abortion, the family, homosexuality, stem cell research, schools, communities, "hatred," and much more.
Usury is RAMPANT and is threatening (as is its cyclic effect) to send millions to the wall. (NWN : House repossessions are up again. Every home repossessed is a family tragedy.)
Divorce and single parent families are out of control in the sense that the system makes it more cost-effective NOT to get married, and men have less sense of duty to their offspring.
The mass-murder of abortion is out of control and is used to back up a contraceptive-mentality which has seen the native birth rate plummet until we are not only not replacing ourselves - as a people we are DYING.
Capitalism sees our people used as cogs in a machine with the fact that many choose not to have families because they "can't afford it."
And in the background we have our soldiers sent off to fight in ILLEGAL non-winnable wars in which hundreds of thousands die.
Many of our laws used to be Christian, only overturned in the 60s and 70s. Many people were against the changes, but (as usual) they were steamrollered through by a political class that has more loyalty to Marx or the Lodge.
If you are a Christian, Archbishop (I ask the question in all seriousness because we've all seen Bishops, Protestant and Catholic, who clearly are not Christian or whose loyalties lie with outside agencies or political correctness a.k.a. moral relativism) then do not concern yourself with Islamic, Jewish, Hindu, Sikh, animist or any other "moral code."Your duty, to your parishioners if not the country and what used to be called Christendom, is to promote Christianity (not merely to defend it, though very few Bishops actually do that).
A start might be to lead a crusade into the City of London against the usurers and the Lodges who so utterly control us economically and politically.
Or perhaps you should just have another cup of tea and spout of some meaningless multi-culti rubbish designed to get the Neo-Cons chomping at the bit about the rights homosexuals enjoy which would be under threat from the Muslims?
After all, who in the CofE wants any serious return to Christian morality, let alone any Christian laws being enshrined in the courts and parliament?
Unfortunately too many churchmen put their position and pension well ahead of any sense of duty, sacrifice and defence of Christian Truth. As society crumbles around them, they share a heavy burden of responsibility.
St Peter was amongst the disciples who hid away "for fear of the Jews" yet went on to be crucified for his Faith, so I suppose there's always hope of some courage amongst the clergy and its upper echelons.
Doesn't seem likely today though in the era of post-Blair Britain.


Blood of Suffolk said...

Can anyone take seriously people who believe some guy who lives in the sky and made earth and the universe and all that lives within it and on it? Why are these cranks allowed special privalages and laws whan there beliefs are based on pure fantasy. There is no god and as such all religions are mere political philosophy. With the defeat of Christianity in the west, Islam is now the biggest threat to our national survival since the Nazi's. Can some one explain to me the science of someone dieing and then being reserrectd 3 days later and ascending to heaven? As for that nutty christian williams, what a rather large beard for such a small cunt.

Anonymous said...

" Can some one explain to me the science of someone dieing and then being reserrectd 3 days later and ascending to heaven?"

Yeah sure, here you go

stantipes said...

Well, try sampling the science of English spelling first. The word b-o-s is trying to find - ok, perhaps I should be kinder and put his shortcomings down to his being very short-sighted or to having fingers like saveloys - is "resurrected".
And yes, b-o-s, it seems that quite a few people CAN take seriously the idea of a creative god. He's not a "guy" either: He is that which IS.
I quite agree that Williams hasn't really made a very good case, but then he's an Anglican, and such people are often not too clever.
It's quite possible that only an educated Christian can make an adequate answer to islamic polemic - I mean the sort of person who isn't going to spell "Nazis" with a redendant apostrophe.
Poor b-o-s is unfortunately a victim of the sort of trendy modern liberalism that teaches that literacy isn't really important, that the expression of one's feelings (no matter HOW incoherent such expression may be) is what counts, and that allows the ignorant to think that childish bad language reinforces an argument.
Read and learn a bit more, b-o-s, then return to the fray: you may well need the Christians at your side soon.
Don't marginalize yourself by further displays of ignorance and bad manners.

Blood of Suffolk said...

Fank you Standpipe for yor coments.
I do indeed have fingers like savaloys, and apologies for using a redendant apostrophe, shud av known better. He is that which lost now. he is pie in the sky. My feelings come from my heart, not a book of fiction.

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