Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Have the 'Enough is Enough' rebel group had enough ?

While we wish them well, but we have noticed of late that their internet websites are, to put it mildly, moribund. Their blogsite in particular has just had it's first posting in over TWELVE days. The Voice of Change website is nigh on useless in any potential.
To put the skids on what's wrong within the BNP , and in particular it's leader Nick Griffin, one has to be as ruthless as he is.
One also needs an ideology . Have the rebels got that ? We have !


seventhvictim said...

Perhaps they need to form a more coherent group, yet something short of a party. The truth of the matter is due to the peculiar and undemocratic constitution, plus corruption it is not possible to remove Griffin and his cronies.

VOC has enough good quality activists to make a go of it particularly if they could get on board some of the disparate elements that have left the BNP. I am thinking something organised a bit like the old US National Alliance and aimed at local government, rights for whites and community activity. As this is the kind of thing that the BNP does very badly there is something of an opportunity to demonstrate just how inefficient the Griffinista’s are. I quite like the name National Unity but anything that gives the idea of a patriotic interest group would do as well. By not using the term party they would still be able to fight for reinstatement into the BNP if they wish to follow that strategy.

Otherwise we are waiting for Griffin to drop dead of a heart attack, or this new gay plague from the US or possibly be arrested for gross tax evasion. We may then have the nightmare scenario of Collet taking over the BNP and turning what’s left of nationalism into a parody – a bit like a cross between the FHM fan club and the paedophile information exchange.

founder member said...

Us that have been kicked to the curb by the bnp are beyond the pail for the rebels as they have ignored us and have not communicated in any way with us.
Keith axon.

Anonymous said...

No vertical membership organisation will ever be any good. They are always infiltrated by the state and full of opportunistic crooks.

Leaderless Resistance.

It's the only thing that the State really fears.

seventhvictim said...

Surely some sort of coordinating/ information giving group as a support for people standing as local councillors would be possible?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone thought that this whole thing could be the mastermind of Nick himself.
This could be one way that Griffin can route out allopposition against him in the BNP.Lets not forget that Sadie & Steve were very good buddies and ardent supporters of Herr Griffin, now the Enough is enough group has gone quite perhaps they have all the evidence they need, watch the heads of those that voiced support for Sadie start to roll... just food for thought!

Anonymous said...

They have a meeting coming up in Blackburn by all accounts.

Anonymous said...

Good point.

Does anyone seriously believe that the State/Gri££in crowd have NOT got their agents in the 'Voice of Change' camp?

And that's before you consider that many of the VoC crowd were only too happy to go along with Gri££ins crookery while the positions and titles were being doled out. Many of them are not exactly in a position to open their mouths. Hardly trustworthy, are they? Only a fool would think that many of them are not still 'open to offers'.

founder member said...

The rebels S.G. VOC and co /the B.P.PARTY/the N.FRONT/the E.first party /, not one of them could organize a piss up in a brewery .not one of them has a leader that can lead any opposition to apose N. griffin.
I hear now that mad Sid of the BPP has proscribed the England first party so the I assume they will not be at the pan nationalist rally on the 2nd of March.

In my opinion, we need a movement of nationalist unity and not disunity as we have at the moment we also need a General who has a strategy to lead and defeat griffins BNP
there is not time to build a new party but we do have the nucleus of nationalist party’s that could unit and create a opposition that would be a real threat to griffins BNP.
Griffin does not fear any small nationalist party but he would fear a united nationalist opposition that could challenge him and his candidates when they stand in any elections,
HOWEVER, all I can sea from the above is people who call themselves leaders but in fact, they are all privets and lack the courage to lead.
Or on the other hand, to step out of there cozy little worlds and lead from the front.
There are three people in my opinion who could lead such a united movement and I name them as Redmond’s and dare I say myself or Chris Jackson, or all three as we have the history and the ideology of racial nationalism.
NICK griffin I am sorry to have to say this is a GENERAL who is miles above any so called leader in any of the above party’s.
Keith Axon
Now I will await to be shot down in flames from any nationalist who wishes to comment but before you do you must have a history of twenty to thirty years in the movement for your comments to taken seriously.

Yorkie said...

"NICK griffin I am sorry to have to say this is a GENERAL who is miles above any so called leader in any of the above party’s.
Keith Axon"

I have a few years under my belt, but not as many as Keith Axon!

Maybe it is time we stopped looking for leaders and started relying on ourselves. Gri££in's abilities are vastly over-rated, not only by his supporters, but also by some of his bitterest opponents. NG has run the BNP for eight years and the party has 8,000 members (give or take). If he had started it from scratch, and none of the people now involved in it would otherwise have entered politics, that means the party has still only been growing at a rate of 1,000 members per year. At which rate, it would take it 50 years just to overhaul the Liberal Democrats!

If the new recruits had been turned into dedicated nationalists, this would still be some sort of achievement, but this has not happened and I believe it was never Gri££in's intention.

Far from being a great general, I believe the BNP has squandered the best opportunity to promote nationalist ideas among the British people for a generation.

BNP founder member said...

If and it is a big if.
We could unite under the banner name of Nationalist unity and at election time stand under that banner name and have our own unprincipled policy’s that would put griffins sell out to multiculturalism and multi racialism and his mixed race sell out membership, which is a sell out of all the principles of racial nationalism perhaps then we would be a viable rival racial nationalist organization for the British people to vote for.

Keith axon

Anonymous said...

And, maybe people need to start realising that they can do nothing, and understand why they can do nothing.

1, The majority of nationalists are drunken old windbags
2, The majority of nationalists prefer to beat up on their fellow man than do any real work.
3, The majority of nationalists are lazy bastards.
4, The majority of nationalists buy into, and support the very thing that causes immigration.
6, The majority of nationalists allow a complete CUNT to run the premiere nationalist party of Britain, and they do that because of all of the above.

You can’t even help yourselves, so, you’re FUCKED.

Anonymous said...

Good post YORKIE.
Sharp points.

People need to get rid of the leadership cult and stop behaving like children in search of a father figure.

True too that Griffin is actually a berk. He only survives because all the others are utter cretins.

seventhvictim said...

Griffin is plausible too some because in reality he is an establishment figure. In a society where the hole establishment has sold us out he seems like an attractive option. the truth of the matter is , as you say, he is a berk and has very strong 'other worldly characteristics In n addition to this Tina Wingfield was probably right when she said he has mental health issues.

What really compromises him is his
greed and the fact that he seems to be replaying out his relationship with Webster through his 'friendship' with Collet.

We don't need him.

Anonymous said...

"We don't need him."

No, you don't, but Griffin isn't about to give up £120,000 a year handed to him by twats who ask no questions.

Army Veteran Jailed For Stirring Up Racial Hatred ...