Tuesday, February 12, 2008

John Brayshaw, returns for 'File on 4'

Former party treasurer John Brayshaw refused to sign off the party's accounts because he claims he was not given the access to all the records he needed to see.

In 2005 he wrote to the Electoral Commission, the body which oversees political party finances, saying that he resigned as BNP treasurer. He alleged a number of irregularities had come to light including missing invoices and receipts from the Trafalgar Club.
In his letter, Mr Brayshaw said current party treasurer John Walker and his deputy David Hannam visited his home for a week to complete the accounts.
He said he did not help them but claimed he witnessed some unusual activities, namely the shredding of a large number of documents and invoices.
Mr Brayshaw said he was told to burn the shredded documents, but kept them because he felt something improper had taken place.

A black bin bag containing the documents has been handed to File On 4.
It contains fragments of cheques, train tickets, receipts and invoices.
Some of the fragments carry the names of Nick Griffin, his parents and even the Trafalgar Club.
One unshredded item is a petrol receipt with the name Excalibur - the title of the party's merchandising arm.
Under tax regulations all financial records should be kept for six years.
The Electoral Commission said it had no reason to believe a breach of the party funding law had taken place.

Current BNP treasurer John Walker dismissed Mr Brayshaw's allegations as pure fantasy.
He said Mr Brayshaw had failed to make the books balance and had left the party's accounts in a mess.



Anonymous said...

Sound like, Clive Potters, problems with 'Solidarity'.

I know who I'd rather believe, and it isn't, John Walker.

Anonymous said...

"He said Mr Brayshaw had failed to make the books balance and had left the party's accounts in a mess."

Yeah, you would say that, you drunken old fat twat. Was Brayshaw responsible for the accounts being late this time around, too? No, that was your fault you thieving bastard.

Anonymous said...

Same old BNP blame game.

Pass the buck to John Brayshaw, Steve Blake or whichever other former Griffin ally turned enemy you can think of (and there's a long list of disillusioned Griffinites to choose from)!

Hercule said...

I wonder if the programme people tried to get in touch with John Brayshaw. His input would have been interesting!

Anonymous said...

"Hercule said...
I wonder if the programme people tried to get in touch with John Brayshaw. His input would have been interesting!

12 February 2008 13:21"

Clearly they have, the BBC, is quoting him.

Anonymous said...

The SPAM emails have gone up today. I must have pissed the BNP off again...



Anonymous said...

I'm listening now on windows media player


They've just said in the run up advert that the BNP denied the existence of the shredded documents a few weeks ago, but John Walker has admitted to them. Griffin couldn't have instructed him clearly LMAO

Anonymous said...

And the Electoral Commission still says that there's 'no problem' with the BNP accounts!

More proof of the State going easy on Gri££in.

They have more than enough to shut the BNP down if they want to.

Anonymous said...

what a traitor John Brayshaw has turned out to be. Its one thing criticising the BNP leadership in a genuine honest for the benefit of the movement way, but working with those real traitors at the BBC is treachery on another level.

Also, to say SE is such a hardliner she has more hatred against the BNP than the real enemy. How odd and what a waste.

Gothman said...

I reckon John Walker has also been auditing Solidarity's finances. No reeceipts...shredded documents...denials...lies...

The current corrupt cabal who are running BNP plc are little more than a dodgy outfit running a disused car company off a rundown forecourt, with Griffin as 'Del Boy' (although far less pleasant) and Walker as a 'Rodney Trotter' (although far less intelligent). The lies that Walker told in the radio programme were so painfuly obvious and excruciating to listen to.

Griffin and Walker are a disgrace to the BNP and to British Nationalism. They have brought utter discredit to British nationalists and the hard work and sacrfice that BNP members - past and present - have given to the cause. If there was any justice the BNP as an administrative entity would throw the book at the pair of them and discipline them for bringing the party into gross disrepute. They are destroying the BNP.


Connie Sachs said...

Nick Griffin...not interviewed

Simon Darby.....not quoted, not quoted

Collett........not interviewed

Brayshaw.....quoted, refused interview

Sadie Graham, Kenny Smith, Steve Blake, Sharon Eubanks, quoted more or less favourably. Adrian Davies, quoted very favourably

John Walker....hung up to dry.


John Walker is NOT state. The party got off lightly but JW was crucified.

Obviously the State is frightened that the Safety valve / Apple barrel which is the BNP is in danger of falling apart with loads of members going underground ("Leaderless Resistance" anyone?).

The Voice of Change people came across well as opposed to Walker.

Therefore the VoC group is seen less as rebels and more as resonable people.

Prediction. Walker and possibly Hannam go. VoC brought back into fold. Apple barrel repaired. Nick??
replaced by Darby??

Anonymous said...

"what a traitor John Brayshaw has turned out to be. Its one thing criticising the BNP leadership in a genuine honest for the benefit of the movement way, but working with those real traitors at the BBC is treachery on another level.

Also, to say SE is such a hardliner she has more hatred against the BNP than the real enemy. How odd and what a waste"

Actually, Brayshaw should have handed it over to the police, not the BBC who will make a pigs ear of it like they have this programme.

I have hatred against...


The above are thieving lying wankers. How dare they call themselves nationalist. They're lower than shit.

I rarely quote the REDs, but this deserves to be quoted. WAKE UP, Griffin has steered you onto the rocks. He's a fecking scumbag traitor who sold you out and empties your pockets. He pisses himself laughing at the people who live in council houses donating every penny to him while he lives in fucking luxury. YOU IDIOTS.

"irishtony said...
Nick Griffins success in perspective

The BNP members have for a number of years sang the praises of their Chairman, leader and ruler of their political party. The blind almost cult like following of their leader defies belief. But on closer examination is it the fault of Nick Griffin, the fault of their own ignorance or their inability to question the party propaganda machine.

The party faithful constantly laud the success of the party, the genius of their leader and how they are growing from strength to strength.

The absurdity of these beliefs would be comical if it was, not so tragic.
Party members get excited at the prospect of running a potential candidate in a parish council election. They leaflet the parish and attempt to elevate the importance of such an insignificant position as a parish councillor. Lets look a little closer look at the role of a parish councillor.

According to local government statistics there are approximately 10,000 local parish community and town councils with an estimated 100,000 councillors.

Not wishing to play down the importance of the role of a parish councillor but when put into perspective in the greater scheme of things in the narrow minds of BNP members it is hardly a “save the country from non whites” position.

BNP members get excited at coming third in a parish election , an election that is designed to choose someone who will help maintain street lighting , bus shelters and the local allotments. Hardly the dizzy heights of nationalistic success so valued by the ill informed racist bigots

So where exactly is all this success? Where exactly are the party growing from strength to strength? Where is the phenomenal success generated by Nick griffin?

22,350 city councillors the BNP have managed 49 now decreased to less than 42

78,000 parish and town councillors the BNP have managed less than 10

Now for the wake up call for all BNP members and supporters. In the nasty skinhead and Nazi salute days of the National Front , the NF managed a membership in excess of 15,000 members .BNP membership is in decline according to their annual accounts now at less than 7,600.

When the BNP managed their first ever councillors many many years ago they assumed they were on a platform for unimaginable success.

The BNP have no elected members of parliament, even their leader , despite standing in different geographical regions in two general elections only managed an insignificant level of support.

Since the unremarkable , for the BNP may 2007 local elections how many times have they contested a local council election? How many new council seats have they won? This question doesn’t need answering.

Why has membership fallen so dramatically? Why has attendance for the RWB boozy car boot sales with flags fallen so dramatically?

Could it be that the BNP is run by a bunch of redundant internet radicals who are more likely to change their software than change the country."



NorthWestNationalists said...

Drat , I missed it !

Will have to try and listen for it tomorrow.

OLDE TYMER said...

In the old, old, JT days the BNP and the NF weren't that far apart ideologically. There were several main issues on which there was agreement.
Sure, many of us thought Nick was a bit weird, jetting off to see Gaddafi, praising Khomeini etc ... And some had no time for JT's leadership methods.
Nick now seems to be applying JT's rather dictatorial methods in fine style, with expulsions the order of the day.
Many of the ideas he now abhors and censors out are ideas he himself once happily promulgated.
Perhaps he still secretly holds them, but feels his state paymasters/protectors won't countenance their being expressed.
How much truth is there in the rumours about his collaborating with Zionist Barbara Amiel? And was he, as P.Harrington was widely rumoured to be, an ESPECIAL favourite of Webster's?
All the parties with which Nick has been associated have ended up in ruins.
Intelligent BNP members will look elsewhere.

Anonymous said...

Is it a coincidence that STORMFRONT was down last night and today ?

Anonymous said...

Interesting that the key players (Gri££in and Darby), kept well out of sight.

Although Walker might be state, it's more likely that he's a gullible patsy.

And it certainly looks like Gri££in is throwing him to the wolves.

Blood of Suffolk said...

How sad to see so much hatred amongst British Nationalists.

Heroes of London Bridge including banker who lost his life confronting jihadis with a skateboard and nurse who died running towards dange...