Sunday, February 03, 2008

Rare visit to North West by the 'BNP Regional Organiser'
A visit "As rare as rocking horse shite" a local BNP member said to us.
Apparently, he has today visited the Burnley area.
Still, he does live a couple of hundred miles away in mid Wales ! Even though that breaks the BNP Constitution.


Anonymous said...

Why? Did someone tell him that there was some money?

Anonymous said...

While in the Burnley area, did the regional organiser find time to donate to the costs of the ongoing Burnley BNP court appeal over the Rosegrove with Lowerhouse election?

griffinmustgo said...

Enjoy him while you can !!!!

Very interesting comment on his blog that he was "born in Barnet". What odds that if the party DOES get someone elected to the London Assembly in May, that person will find it necessary to "stand down" soon after (ill health? work? family?) and the party will need a substitute.

Perhaps someone born in Barnet ????

Snout in the trough !

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