Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Earthquake in North West UK ?

Who felt the place shake just over 10 minutes ago ?

BBC now reporting the tremors. 01.40 am GMT.


Morg said...

Yes, I felt it happening. In Wigan. Knew straight away what it was - have experienced worse in, of all places, Anglesey

Anonymous said...

I did :)



Anonymous said...

I understand that the quake's epicentre was at Welshpool.

Geologists are investigating the theory that the seismic activity occurred when the stash of loot procured from BNP members currenly stored at Mr Griffin's farm sliped and collapsed, starting an earth tremor.

Geologists have advised that further shock waves may occur, possibly in Leeds at the home of Mark Collett' NE England, at the home of David Hannam, and in N Wales, at the home of John Walker.

The public are advised to keep a look-out for any further damage done to their country.


Anonymous said...

I thought the missus had fallen out of bed! But even dafter than that, she was scared in case it was some sort of poltergeist activity!

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