Monday, February 11, 2008

Prof MacDonald Under Attack For 'Ideas'
Jewish 'Thought Police' Maneuver To Destroy Scholar's Rising Influence And Reputation

Kevin MacDonald, author and Professor of Psychology at Cal State University, Long Beach (CSULB), faces censure and stigma on the very campus where he teaches. His crime? Publishing scholarly books which explore expressions of Jewish ethnocentrism and modes of Jewish deception throughout history. Most contentious is his monumental work "The Culture of Critique".

MacDonald is under siege on numerous fronts by an interconnected array of Jewish-lead organizations. These attacks are a back door assault on intellectual freedom. One of the major players in this war on Free Speech is a self-declared 'civil right's' organization calling itself the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). This heavily-funded, highly-positioned and crypto-Jewish watchdog group receives extensive TV exposure and labels MacDonald's scholarship "anti-Semitic" and "neo-Nazi". These tendentious mischaracterizations enable Jewish activists within the SPLC to hide their identity (and ethnic-based motives) while they marginalize dissident scholars like MacDonald and intimidate others from speaking out in his defense. At least one imperious agent of the SPLC paid CSULB a highly-publicized visit some 15 months ago in an ostentatious attempt to undermine MacDonald's reputation there and spread the usual high doses of fear and intimidation for which Jews are now famous.
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Yorkie said...

Thanks for publicising this. Now it gets mentioned, it does seem strange that something called the Southern Poverty Law Centre seems so concerned about the work of an academic in California.

What was said about the Holy Roman Empire - that it was not 'holy' nor 'Roman' nor an 'empire'? Obviously, the SPLC does not deserve to be mentioned in the same paragraph as the former European political entity, but it is apparent that the former exists only to provide cover for politically-motivated Jews who wish to suppress their critics. There must be plenty of observers who reckon it is concerned with 'land reform' in Alabama or something, though. Do the brighter negroes realise how thoroughly they are being used?

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