Saturday, February 23, 2008

Lewisham 1977 - Some decent film taken by Reds of the National Front march.

The first 1.30 mins is of the Grunwick strike. Then the rest is of the National Front.

There is also some film of the 'one man march' by Martin Webster in Hyde , Manchester, in October 1977, and his speech from Hyde Town hall steps which occured simultaneously with a National Front march in Longsight, Manchester .

In fact, the following link is a red site. But still has some very interesting stuff on there;


rex said...

This footage shows the marxist left in all their violent glory.

tonydj said...

If you pause at 7:25 there is a male leftie at the extreme left (!!) looking / talking to his left.
He looks like GEOFF BROWN who was and I believe still is a lecturer at MANCAT and SWP member. Also ANAL Organiser Gtr M/cr 1977-79

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