Thursday, February 14, 2008

RADIO 4 - BNP Finances

NWN: An excellent and incisive review of that radio programme posted on StormfrontUK.

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Re: BNP finances - Tuesday 12 February 8.00 pm on BBC Radio 4

Somewhat against my better judgement I've been enticed out of 'exile' to comment on the programme.

I make the following observations;-

Nick Griffin. Not interviewed, he declined.

Simon Darby. Not interviewed...Press Officer, why not?

John Walker, thrown to the wolves, hung up to dry.

John Brayshaw, declined to be interviewed "in case of reprocussions"...yet he handed over a bin-bag of should-have-been-destroyed papers...or so we are told.

Many 'Voice of Change' People interviewed, came over well.

Mark sign.

I can not even begin to mention what issues were not touched on.

GWR, Freedom Promotions, Excalibur, etc etc.

This was an establishment "White Wash" with poor John Walker the fall guy.

The party as a whole got off lightly with the blame attatched to John Walker.

But with the V o C 'complaints' shown to have some substance.

Thus paving the way for a reconcilliation within the BNP, the safety valve is repaired and no one goes off into "Leaderless resistance".

Or have I grown too cynical in my old age??

PS I have it on good authority that the programme was instigated last month, a full four weeks after the start of the currant 'troubles'.


Anonymous said...

good call !

Anonymous said...

ASHTONSCOUT makes a lot of valid points in his summary.

Anonymous said...

Sensible people know the BNP, is a safety valve. Which, is why I find it utterly depressing to watch BNP members flapping around in a pool of shit going nowhere. I don't like Walker, and he knows why, but I always warned him he'd be the fall guy. He needs to leave the bottle alone, and wake up. Hannam will be next...



Anonymous said...

Poor Walker, he's so dumb that he still doesn't see that he's been set up. Even when the axe falls, it'll still be a mystery ...

Anonymous said...

"As to how the error came about, I can only plead that the person who conveyed (verbally) Adrian's opinion on that point made an error. He should have said "less than 6 PER CENT" -- a vast difference!! In fact, Adrian says the exact figure is only 5.9 per cent!!!

That is truly shocking. A very much greater portion of BNP members' money is spent on wages for Griffin and his inner circle, entertainment, travel, etc."

WAKE UP and smell the coffee. Griffin is conning you ALL.

Anonymous said...

Hey, you illiterate drunk cunt Barker: "the currant 'troubles'" -- a currant is something you eat, you fucking moron. You mean "current."
Christ, you are as stupid as they said, and a fucking disgrace to the White Race.

NorthWestNationalists said...

Duhhhhhh !

'Anon' with a South African keyboard based in Manchester.

This wasn't written by me.Its a copy of a post on SF UK.

Your the one posting at 03.00 AM and sounding drunk.

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Anonymous said...

re; Anon

Are you Duncan Warner perchance ?

Theresa May left university with a 2nd class degree in Geography and was immediately given an important job at the Bank of England. Go...